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    Hey man

    I was reading Alpha’s post abour his recovery and he mentions that he thought that the tension that he creates in the pelvic area has something to do with his (our?) problems. I think so too. One may masturbate to porn, ejac, and loose any desire to continue. But he still wants to look at porn( its fuking addicting after all); but in order to continiue masturbating one needs an erection. So you contract the muscles in the pelvis, rushing the blood into the penis. YOu do this once adn twice and hundred, and eventually it turns into a habit. Alpha writes “Everytime i look at porn or masturbate, i feel how i subconciously tight my anus up and start to breath very shallow. I really get very tense and the next morning my muscles feel even more stiff then they normally do. ” I know is exactly the case with me? Is this the case with anybody else???????????????

    Now, the symptoms that many are experiencing, like problems urinating and tension in pelvis are characteristic of chronic prostitis, and are thought to be the caused by some by the habit of contracting muscles in the pelvis. THe book about this is called “Pain in the Pelvis.” Incidently, these contractions cause ed and low libido problems too. THe rationale behind it all is that the muscle around the nerves, some of which play a role in sexual behavior, get compressed so often, that it becomes a “contracture” persistenlty compressed the nerve and not letting it do its job. I dont wanna dwell on this any longer. THe first and most important thing is that you guys tell me if what I described in the first paragraph seems at all familiar. If not, we’ll go back to our herbs and oils, yings and yangs. If you do compress those muscles down there, then we may take on a new direction.

    First, you mentioned that you have pain

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    the first paragraph has some truth in it, but the second is spot on. it is indeed prostatits and constrained nerves, tight muscles.




    Thats good point. There is no chance we would all have the same situation health-wise. We do have different body types, I i.e. have quite long body and back and thus very prone to all kind of stagnations. This has forced me to study all those massages and other to make sure blood flows smoothly. Also our nervous systems and digestive systems are different.

    Some people do benefit from long absinence or long ejaculation cycles, maybe some people can masturbate or ejaculate once a week and still heal. I do have a cycle of two weeks, it is not good but at least I can have full health if I´m able to be avoid ejaculation for that time.

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