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    hey guys. just seeing if anyone on here feels like they are having weak erections possibly due to marijuana. i smoked heavily for a full year (very heavily). i got into the habit of masturbating at least 3 times a day sometimes reaching 7 ejaculations. i did this daily not always that high but at least a couple times a day.

    i now have weak erections. they sometimes reach full size, not for long though. it requires a lot of stimulation to keep them up.

    i also get random pains between the anus and rectum these are always present. could be my prostate?

    weed made masturbation so intense. it was like your in another world. im wondering if these effects on me are permanent or not. please if you guys can help let me know.

    dr lins products seem to be the only ones that address the issue dont know if there legit though.

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    it got to the point for me that id smoke and feel a little ereection/bloodflow to that area…



    I smoked weed chronically for 15 years and it never did affect my erections. My sexual exhaustion came after I stopped drinking and smoking weed and I think my masturbation doubled in order to fill the void of not being high and this is what screwed me. I still get high every now and then like once every 3 or 4 months. Your ability to get erections after smoking pot is due to the instant Dopamine release that it gives and Dr Lin claims that the weed also elevates PGE-2 and if this is true since it is a Vasodilator that would explain the increased blood flow to the penis. Weed and porn is a deadly combination, for me at one point it was weed porn and caffiene an even deadlier combination.



    i dont think its so much the weed, but the amount that you masturbated because of the weed. jacking off high is soo much better also, so that probably means that each orgasm you have drains you even more. weed is an aphrodesiac so since u were used to always being faded when masturbating it becomes less pleasurable and you have weaker erections when doing it sober. i smoked a lottt being on d for 2 years or so, and masturbated a lot during this time, and this definitely contributed a lot to my current situation.

    just stop blazing and masturbating for a while, improve your diet, and follow all the other tips, and u should be fine, or a least compared to the people on this site.

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