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    I’ve been combating any kind of sexual activity because I’m concerned I may have reached a point of sexual exhaustion (whereby I’m not healthy and maintaining my interest is difficult). To take my mind off of it all I’ve stopped chasing after women for the time being and decided to work on my body. I certainly feel much better, this is the first time I’ve not been highly sexually active (in one form or another) in about 10 years+ (I’m 21). But it concerns me that, after reviewing a few posts, what I’m doing may not improve the situation and so I’m here seeking a little advice. I’ve never really received very good guidance about lifestyle choices my entire life so I’m more or less winging it here.

    Basically every day I shower, bike 15-20km~, eat a scoop of whey protein with oatmeal and whatever else I can find to snack on thats healthy, lift low weights (I’m kind of a skinny guy with weaker arms) between 15-40 pounds for about an hour to an hour and a half (which has been putting a little strain on my back but not unbearable), run a half a km and then do about a hundred sit ups/crunches. Usually end with eat pasta/bread as a second meal of the day, and relaxing with reading for uni

    Is this a good balance? It seems a little hectic but I find it very stimulating, and enjoyable, and it just feels good. I’ve done this for about 3 weeks now (prior to the three weeks I’ve just done, I avidly avoided physical activity) ; Should I stick with this? What could I do to improve this routine with regards to SE.


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    as i been saying before you need to find a good doc and get blood tested to see whats up.

    why not eat some like meat / veggies for dinner instead of that pasta and bread stuff?

    you should avoid processed carbs if you can.



    I’ve seen a couple of doctors, had blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound everything has come back clean.

    Thanks for the tip about the carbs, I was kind of using putting on a bit of muscle as motivation to control myself.



    post all your labs with (units and range included)



    your lab results may come back in my view develop SE to protect the body when you are using to much energy..its some what of a kill switch to protect the energy supply of other bodily systems… eat a raw food diet for 90 days.. do your exercise once a week for the first month,twice for the second,3 days a week for the third and evaluate the situation at that point.

    your body will start shutting a system off before it goes into overdrive and starts to cause damage..just wait for it to return.



    I will get on those labs as soon as I can (sort of unavailable to me at the moment). I’ll read up on raw food diets and take it easier on the exercise

    As far as my body shutting a system off before it goes into overdrive, I have tended to push just about everything too far between age 16-20 years (smoking, sex/stimulation, mental stress, chemicals, everything except good exercise at varying times) :S so wagering a guess as too how much damage has been done to my system at this point is pretty difficult.

    On a separate note; bit of an odd question should I be ejaculating regularly still, everything I’ve been doing lately has become kind of a supplement..I’ve just kind of stopped.



    get more sun at least 1 hour of unexposed.




    I too am taking a break from women.And unexpectedly, I feel less depression and my interests in other things is coming back.

    Go figure.

    I think you are on the right track,with eating and lifting weights.Thats a great thing to do for you,to get as healthy as possible,then take that into your next relationship.

    As far as diet,I would get in as much raw living food(raw salads and fruits) as possible.The pasta and bread,IMO,will just spike your blood sugar,and leave you fatigued and will lessen your gains in the gym in the long run.Even with the salads and fruit,you will be getting all the protein you need,believe it or not.Reasearch it. Its true.

    Keep up the good work.


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