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    I was at first glad to find this forum; I could relate to those who shared my symptoms, learned that I was not alone. But having read more extensively got me even more depressed then before. No one seems to have “healed” THere are refrences to those who had, but there are no long term posts of successes. Some members, having studied all the taoist mumbo jumbo, and taken all the supplements that ever grown or synthesized, later reported to have medically recognzed conditions, hormone imbalances, etc, Are we bullshiting ourselves? Are we climbing the wrong tree? I am thinking of becoming a monk…..

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    I share many of the same concerns that you have.

    Blueshark, though, has been healed.




    it sounds that you are quite depressed. maybe you should think more positive, stop caving in and look into what is causing your problems. get some tests done and do some research of your own.



    I have been through this for seven years now coming this summer but I have not given up. Not only do I have seven years of experience with sexual exhaustion but I suffered from other conditions such as social anxiety. I am one of the few that can look at the Viginia Tech Massarce and understand what happened and understand many of the things Cho must have went through.

    Although I’ve suffered a lot, it is not my nature to give up. This summer I will take the time to step up my researches and I hope you all do the same.



    well that doesn’t give him reason to go off shooting others. seems like everybody likes to find an excuse as to why someone is a murder or has murdered people.



    No one said that his sufferings justified his going out on a rampage. Rather, understanding what may have led to this sort of thing and what (legitimate) help we as a society can do to minimize this sorts of tragedies was my implications.

    I have problems talking with people, been accused of stalking and rampage threats etc. etc. so I feel that my level of experience and sufferings is up to the level of such a tragedy as the VT rampage and am qualified to comment on it.

    The three major areas of research I have dedicated my life to researching and will present to a University one day is: anxiety disorders and viariations, sexual exhaustion and viariations, and demon possession (am eyewitness and talked to relative of another case).



    i recommend people watch fight club

    remember the scene where tyler get’s out the guy from the store?

    he holds a gun to the guys head and asks him

    tyler: what did you want to be when you grew up raymond?

    dude: a veteranerian..

    raymond: that means you must study more right?

    dude: no time no time

    tyler: would you rather be dead?

    dude: no no plz

    tyler: i am taking your licence, if your not studying within six weeks i know where to find you and you will be dead

    dude: crying… and runs away

    tyler: tomorrow his breakfast will be the best he has ever tasted

    edward norton: that wasn’t even funny how could you do that

    tyler: imagine how he feels…..

    i believe in taking responsibility for your own life like the buddha said

    shooting other is NO excuse even from a fucked up state of mind

    i can only imagine the pain this guy has to go through in his next life… hopefully there he will learn his lesson

    guys lets make the most of what we have and be positive, lets try to learn our lessons here

    even if we dont solve our problems let’s teach other people our knowledge later on… machine good luck with your presentation on the issues you mentioned.. i hope you get it done!




    Don’t give up. This forum is much more than a place where you can find supplements and other info. It’s also a place of encouragement. We are all here to support and encourage each other.

    Other than I think LeeYang, , , have also healed. In fact some are more powerful than they used to be. LeeYang in particular can have sex many times and still not ejaculate.


    I am really sorry about your condition. I can perfectly empathize with you. I can understand about social anxiety and sexual exhaustion but can you expound more about demon possession? What exactly are you talking about?





    Because anxiety disorders are psychiatric conditions in Western medicine and Psychiatry, sexual exhaustion although being a deficiency/hormonal condition is also most likely to be classified as a psychological condition (a psychosomatic, sexual disorder of some sort) in Western medicine and demon possession although believed by many especially in more primitive cultures to be literally the taking over of a human body by spirits, would be considered to be a psychotic mental disorder/multiple personality disorder in Western medicine. Thus the similarity between the three disorders is that they are very draining, full of suffering and classified as mental disorders by most so-call experts.

    Not only do the medical community misdiagnosis people but stigmatize them. They do not offer legitimate help but are quick to label you crazy and say it’s all in your head. Then hand out anti-depressants that has destroyed many lives. Anti-depressants has been associated with sexual dysfunction and school shootings among other things.

    Demon possession does not apply to any of us on the forum but it is a condition that I have seen and is mentioned in my personal research papers, which focuses on biochemical imbalances, chronic deficiency conditions and psychological disorders. I have quite a story to tell but it is not immediately relevant to the cheif condition of interest of the forum. But briefly it has features of schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, a known cause is playing with the ouijaboard and has been cured using the methods: Hmong shamanism, Christian exorcism.



    I´m not sexually where I was before ( I have to keep these good cycles to keep optimum health ) but I do not really care. Like said in other post, what good is erection ( or even libido ) for if you are like a zombie. Strong libido just forces to masturbate too much. It would be nice though if one can keep higher libido and also the good health and strong emotions.



    What do you exactly mean when you guys are talking about emotions? Do you mean you are unable to feel anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy, joy… etc? I am really sorry but I am at a complete loss here. I can’t see how over-masturbating can remove emotions from a person. I am sure it will impair libido but emotions? That seems to be on a completely different plane to me…



    Well, over-masturbation and over-ejaculation does suck the life out of me literally and many other member have the same experience. It is hard to explain, and it is good if your exhaustion has not yet got to level where it affects your mood and happiness.

    You become lazy, tired, not interested in anything, nothing really excites your heart anymore, you lose the interest in sex etc… you can become a zombie.



    Think about it this way:

    Those people who use drugs, they will enjoy their best times feeling all kinds of crazy feelings of love, happiness, and so on.

    But after the drug has drained their bodies, their face turn pale, their health fall apart, depression, thinking of suicide and so on.

    So something is needed in the body to keep the mind calm and drive good emotions. When that something is ultimately burned out, you can not feel anything. I´m in good position though that I just have to wait certain amount of days after ejaculation and my mood/health comes back.



    Hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for many of the emotions you experience. Testosterone low? No libido. Dopamine low? you become more passive etc.

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