Anyone answer me this (Night time erections.)

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    Hi guys, while I was recovering from exhaustion I still got morning erections, that is I assume they were morning erections and had not been going on half the night?

    Now I’m much much better I still have them in the morning but lately I’ve noticed them all hours of the night if I come to for any reason.

    For instance last night I awoke at about 3.15am and had a strong erection, which as I drifted in and out of sleep still seemed to persist. I remember it being there at 4am and still there at 4.30 and 5am respectively. This suggests I had an erection half the night!

    Is this normal?

    I know morning erections are normal but to be erect for long periods during the night, is that normal too?

    Finally and I’m guessing will best answer me this – doesn’t erections burn bio energy as well as ejacualtion? It takes bio energy and hormones to raise the flag so aren’t we using up valuable energy by getting these nightly/morning erections?

    As I said I even got them when exhausted, was nearly impotent during the day but strong erections during early hours of the morning which was frustrating. Surely when recovering these erections would slow down my recovery.

    Sleep is supposed to be a time of recouperation so why does the body burn energy with these erections?

    Hope you can throw some light on all of this?

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    I think its very good since its spontaneous( and natural ) erections. It is very good to have these spontaneous erections…if you have abstained for a long time, this verifies it is not doing any harm. Strong morning and spontaneous erections also indicates there is enough yang energy in the body.

    The energy for erection and also libido is what taoists consider short term energy easily acquirable from foods, if there is the long term original/healing energy still left and body is working smoothly ( free from emotional/physical stagnations and imbalances ). Thats why healthy men are suggested to have sex ( with real woman, not masturbating ) very often without ejaculating getting the healing effects of sex. And if they run out their erection power/libido, not many hours have to be waited and the erection ability is back since no healing/original energy is lost and the recharging is constant. These men are not feeling tired at all.

    Exhausted men lose much of their already low healing energy through ejaculation / masturbating to porn, and they do not get much if anything out of the foods they eat. This keeps them constantly depressed and having no life force within. Also, when they ejaculate it will empty the organ channels from the basic qi giving numerous weakness/exhaustion symptoms, and when there is no healing power and no healthy qi reserve ( jing ) left they have to then wait certain number of days until they start to feel better.

    You said you are much better now. This is important culmination point in healing, when you start to feel more alive, having some stamina, not being irritated anymore and you certainly can feel you are getting better. Also , when you start to have healing power, the more you will gain everyday so I do not suggest getting back to masturbating/ejaculating too often, but first build a healthy reserve of healing energy and jing. Of course, if you start to feel worse or have some kind of mental/physical symptoms from abstaining then it might be good to ejaculate.



    I write here since I did not found more suitable thread.

    Important thing is not to lose the original energy ( true healing energy ) in the lower dantien ( tan tien ) which is the mid point of the body. Usually it is found few inches behind the navel.

    I sense this energy as an ‘electricity or burning feeling in the stomach’. This energy drives my appetite, constantly keeps little libido and drive in my body. Masturbating/ejaculating too often will deplete this energy and there is no longer the constant drive in the abdominal and sexual organs. There is also not the feeling of being very alive anymore. Then the foods no longer recharges the body. Taoist refer this energy as ‘fire under water’, which is needed to heat and steam the more yin ( fluidlike ) aspect of the kidneys sexual energy. When we talk about bodys batteries, I consider it to be this original energy in the lower dan tien. The more I have read about it, clearly it fulfills my earlier assumptions of the original energy stored somewhere in the navel area.

    My objective is to build back this energy as much as possible, and the progress is good, since I masturbated yesterday but I did not lose the burning feeling in the stomach which I so much talk about. I have had kinda flashbacks lately of how I felt when I was about 6-10 years younger but this feeling does not yet last very long. This energy makes me very happy, just like kids are full of live and happy. Over-masturbation/over-ejaculation, stress, consciously fed negative emotions, and drugs have all robbed us from this vital life-force. ‘What gives life, takes away life’.

    Also, eating too much cold and raw foods, or foods that create dampness easily like chocolate and excessive sweets will give huge extra burden to digestive process.

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