Anyone have a sleeping disorder due to overmasturbation

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    Does anyone still have trouble sleeping? I still have this problem even during my period of abstinence. If anybody has overcome this, how did you overcome it?

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    i definitely have, and still do. what sort of sleeping disorder are u talking about?



    I started needing less sleep after about my 2nd3rd week of abstinance, I also woke up fresher and more easily in the mornings. I’m not sure whether its directly due to abstinence or other changes I made in my life.



    I’ve had the exact same experience after abstaining.



    same exp here. Mine takes place within a few days though. Today is mine 10th day for abstaining.



    I think it was also around the 9th or 10th day when I noticed it.



    Either a GABA or Serotonin deficiency. Try the Braverman test and I can guarantee you guys are suffering with either of the 2, but most likely a Serotonin deficiency. Here is the test if you fancy taking it:

    Post your results here if you take it



    My problem is its like my brain just don’t want to shut down like it used too before I became sexually exhausted. Before I was able to yawn and felt that natural drowsy feeling and when I went to bed I would fall asleep within 15 minutes. Now it takes me from 30 to 45 minutes and sometimes longer to get to sleep. When I do get to sleep I might sleep for about 3 to 4 hours then I wake up and have to sit up for awhile and then go back to bed for a few hours, never can seem to sleep all the way through uninterupted either. Its like there is a complete circadian rythym disorder involved here but don’t know how to correct it. I’ve already been taking 5-htp to raise serotonin.



    Try a diet of complex carbs to boost serotonin. Porrige oats are brilliant, aswell as eating multigrain breads, brown rice and anything whole grain. You would also benefit from protein sources of L-Tryptophan, with turkey being the richest source along with pork, cheese, chicken and milk.



    you dont want to eat to many grains….

    grains should only make up about 10-15% of your diet..

    10% grains, 10% nuts,seeds,fruits, 40% green veggies, 40% meat.



    is white rice a grain?

    Max, can you give a typical diet for a day? like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




    Thats only when eating a balanced diet, but for a quick GABA and Serotonin boost good grains and complex carbs should be consumed throughout the day for a few weeks to see any benefits. Plus certian amino acids can dominate and compete with the obsorbtion of these important amino acids, so an increased intake will be very beneficial for some people.

    Yes, a refined grain with hardly any nutritional value that increases blood glucose faster than pure sugar. Switch to brown as it is far more nutritious and contains minerals unlike white rice.



    Grains are fine, but for even better results use sprouted grains. And try to avoid Gluten.

    i think gluten/dairy free diets would help a lot.




    Well done!

    I’m starting in day one today. I’m hoping to abstain for the month of November.




    Thanks for posting this.

    I have been feeling lately that people are walking all over me and I felt myself that I was giving off energy that I was a door-mat. Now I see why.

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