Anyone here suffer from skin problems

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    I suffer from small amounts of acne but my mian concern is my dull, colourless, dry, sensitive skin. i was wondering if SE has anything to do with it??

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    You diet is unbalanced with improper fats or thyroid/adrenals are imbalanced. Not a difficult problem



    thanx for the reply my friend, i had my thyroid level checked and they came out okay so im guessing its one of the other two (adrenals and fat intake). how should i fix either of these problems?



    I have the dry skin that I know is cause by my sexual exhaustion. If I abstain for even a few weeks, my skin starts to look and feel much better.



    Yes, this was my very first symptom and maybe the most devastating alongside with premature ejaculation. Crazy dry skin with acne does wonders for already low esteem. My skin’s healing rate was extremely low too, the scars from les lasted up to a month.

    Skin is the last organ to receive nutrients but the first one to show sign of imbalances.

    Chinese link dry skin with lowered breathing efficiency and I found this true in my case.

    Dry brushing gave me an immediate help though.



    Hi-level of Stress/ Anxiety can cause skin problems…I.E dandruff ,eczema[Dryness] and many other skin,nail , hair problems



    Skin problems are

    zinc imbalnaces

    Low fats

    Altered EFA metabolism or imbalances

    altered immune response.



    To me it seems you are lacking in omega-3’s

    You would probably benefit greatly from taking flax seed oil and/or fish oil, but flax would probably work best on its own because from flax your body can make the essential fats found in fish oil. Flax is the ultimate omega-3 oil!

    You should also reduce your intake of fried foods. Grill, bake, boil or steam from now on. Oil (such as sunflower and vegetable) is very delicate and all of the goodness it contains is lost during processing and further made worse when used for frying. The goodness is destroyed and becomes a trans-fat which will interfear with absorbing the essential oils, such as flax. If you must fry then saturated fats like butter or coconut oil are far more stable in heat, therefore will not become trans-fats.

    If you would like to know more about oils and the benefits then read Udo Erasmus’s book:

    This is also very good:

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