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    Just wondering if anyone here has used any other sex enhancing herbs besides dr.lins products and if they had any success with them??

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    dr.lin is a scam.

    There aren’t any magical herbs that can fix this.

    Examine your hormones and neurotransmitter levels.



    i have red many cases in his website, sometimes he refer to asker to use dozens of suuplement with his product as an extra support, these what i recall

    AlCAR, Vitamin D , Grape seed extract , a lot of 5HTP, L-Arginine , but i have never passed thru a case were he sugguested a herb with his supplements, he warned some not to take more than 250mg of tribulus because you may end up suffering from hypo-pituitary.

    i reached that these supplements are 80% acts like a sexual enhancer, it doesn’t fix SE for those who have testosterone level of 350 and below, and it never fixes the severe thyroid -pituitary imbalances, or what he dfines as HPA and testicular excitotoxicity

    not to mention that he try to put the most successful stories in the surf, the complicated cases…that stated severe conditions was replied by him saying that his product will be useless for them unless they will try them for 1+, with the oils he suggests…obviously it seemed usless to some

    but definitely those who are slightly exhausted may benefit…or it seems so



    My question was if anyone used tribulus or tongkat ali,ect,ect from other companys and manufacturers and what there success was with it?? the reason im asking because i have a friend who had low test and tried dr.lins product to no success then tried another herbal booster from a different manufacture and bumped hes TT from 500 ng/dl to 780 ng/dl so that just shows that dr.lins products are not high potency products and some other herbal boosters that are high potency might work for certain people….



    Ive tried everything you can think of been in this for 10 years probly will have to be on cortef and thyroid for life but TRT is just so confusing managing and dealing with E2 trying to raise DHT ive had enough i cant raise my DHT now no matter what i try for some strange reason , mariano couldent figure it out , this new doc im with who has 30 years experience with androgens couldent figure it out there telling me im a rare case , so now its actually funny im going back straight to the beginning when i first found out about SE and was looking in herbal test boosters, im just so desperate right now im trying anything i can , the reason why im looking into herbal test boosters is because a friend of mine used 10 different herbal boosters to no success ( even dr.lins products) and then found a super super potent tribilus/tongkatali/fenugreek and it boosted hes testosterone by 300+ points , now that makes me think maybe all these years herbal boosters might work for certain people but ONLY if there super extra potent, my friend also told me that the herbs didnt work when hes cortisol and thyroid were messed up obviously so once he got the RT3 and cortisol fixed the herbs worked, its a longshot and ive already been down the path with herbs before but like i said im just so desperate im willing to try anything at this point…



    He has SE like us thats why hes case with herbs is intresting and now that hes at 780 ng/dl hes going to run even a more poten herb stack to try to raise it even higher , your saying with herbs once u stop so does the T yes thats probly true but no one said the herbs are a cure , if you stop T injections T gels HCG your T drops as well so whats your point? i rather be cycling with herbs for the rest of my life (if it even works on me) then be on T injections or Gels anyday…..



    But anyways i need to realize that my expectations are a little unrealistic im just so burned out with everything that i might be being a little delusional with this herb thing , just because it worked on my friend doesnt mean it will work on most people he probly was mildy exausted who knows , im just going to give it a second run with herbs from the most potent sources (even though i know it most likely wont work) because i have nothing to loose at this point and just going to try anything i can…..



    At least with herbs there’s a lot less of a chance of messing up your body’s natural functions.



    i am back on indolplex dim, day 2, and i took 2 tablets for 2 days now this stuff rocks

    it’s the only AI type of herb that gives me results

    don’t waste your time with other types of dim, this is the shit

    on arimi/aromasin i might have had lower e2, but no improved sexual function

    today i got a spontaneous thought of sex and erection and this never happened to me on arimi / aromasin dosages

    i am also thinking of adding tongkat ali back into the mix, unless dim gives me some good morning wood

    i used the scifit brand called scyfit eurycoma 1500 ex something like that, awesome morning wood and lasts long enough to have good sex with

    i am ditching cialis/viagra and sticking with dim, adding in tongkat as well

    perhaps i will try the lj100 which is patented and see how that works

    i will cycle the tongkat though, i have to figure out my dosage of dim .. i had decent results off trt with 1 tab, but never went really higher, so now on trt i am starting 2 tabs and hopefully i won’t go too low on e2

    herbs do rock, don’t get me wrong, 125 mg test e still is the bomb! but i need some other stuff for wood, the test e though is still major energy and alpha male feeling, plus women notice me more it’s insane

    i have no hcg anymore and it’s difficult to get even legit from a pharmacy so i am considering giving clomid a last ditch effort try (problem is it may raise SHBG in the longterm) to keep nuts intact and improve wood before starting tongkat ali again

    tongkat is good for wood and also retains nut size for me

    for the precum and general inflammation i am going to do a last ditch effort with a deep colon cleanse by dr schulze, nothing else has worked for me in this department, still i am glad i can get somewhat of a wood and have a great amount of energy



    Thanks for the help i was actually looking into diesel test have you ever tried this? just ordered some tongkat ali will see how it goes

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