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    Has anyone got experience with them?

    I am looking into it and there are herbs that actually make you more hungry and herbs which allow you to eat more before feeling full.

    Cycling them would be most effective i suppose.

    I read about Echinacea and tried it and can confirm this works.

    Alfalfa seems to be one.

    Anyone got experience with it/recommendations?

    It’s often a sign of stress where you are stuck at a below optimum bodyweight and herbs could increase your sense of hunger so you can achieve optimum weight.

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    apparently wheat is an appetite stimulant and also one of the worst things you can eat.



    i noticed a real hunger when i take a good DIGESTIVE ENZYME (without the HCL), 1 hour before food can let you feel hungry + be ready for dropping a package after couple of minutes.

    I used to take them on empty stomach late night Or early morning for my candida -parasite protcol, currently on 1X per meal (my brand is Enzymetica)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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