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    you can drink all the apple juice you want and i guarentee you nothing will change. Thats actually one of the dumbest things iv heard on here yet. If your trying to raise acetycholine levels, which is also a relative waste of time your better off using alpha gpc or at the very least supplemental choline.

    Apple juice has just as much if not more sugar then soda. Both in excess are bad for you.

    Save your time, money, strength, mental sanity and get to a doctor whos gona test all your proper hormones. Unless you wanna end up like most the people on this site then be like F*ck it and drink apple juice…..good luck

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    Even if it didnt raise his ach

    i think its health by all means….rather than taking cokes and drinking beers, healthy diet is essential for your body to heal and t recover

    I have sensed lately that you are desperate Js … hope iam wrong about that



    the idea that fruit juices are healther then cokes is a relative myth. simply because something is made from an apple or some other fruit does not make it healthy. It still usually contrains 30 grams of sugar per serving and up to 80 grams per bottle……Wether you drink soda or juice makes no difference…in the long term excesive use =insulin resistance and other diabetic related problems.

    Desperate? Its weird you say that I feel alot less desperate then previously. I know iam on the right path its just a matter of extreme patience and devotion before im able to make myself well again. When I first got to this site and there was no hope……then i was desperate.

    I would say that most of you are worse of then me……and yet your not desperate enough.



    I’m actually not that poorly off at all, on the contrary I’ve seen numerous improvements over the past week, as I have followed through on my abstaining and all that jazz. Pardon me for reading that ACh was good for recovery if you’re not too far gone, which I am not. Therefore after googling ways to boost ACh this article came up. Regardless if it has no effect, at least I won’t be as likely to get alzheimer’s . I’m starting to believe that state of mind makes a huge difference, and although you do have really good advice,

    Can you at least explain to me why trying to boost ACh levels is a waste of time?, instead of just scoffing at my curiousity…

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    Totally agree, some fruits contains alot of sugar and its advised to eat them rather than drink them to avoid the sugar rush

    I will take about my self…..its about faith

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