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    Dr Lin recommends both fish and borage oil at 3 x 1000mg daily? Is it necessary to use both? I mean both are increasing PGE1 right?

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    well, the fish oil lowers pge-2 and borage oil increases pge-1. im currently taking 3g of each and it works very well for me. however from 2g onwards i started feeling the effects.



    since i added borage/fish oil i noticed many good things



    Max what improvements did you notice? How potent are the products you use? ie how much GLA, EPA, DHA etc?



    when i masturbate when im exhausted after i do it, i take 2 grams of fish oil for the omega-3

    also i take evening primrose oil 2 grams

    this seems to clear up the pain

    until next day i can go to about the evening, that is when im aroused i will feel the pain again around that time

    therefore i think 3x a day 1g of both is good enough, then i have no pain at all



    i take Carlsons Fish OIl 1000mg 3x day and natures way borage oil 1300 3x day…. since i started taking them i got wet dreams and got better and longer lasting morning erections

    both oils are extremely good for healing, you should take them anyways just for overall health, but i think borage oil should not be used for more than about 3 months



    i agree with max on the borage oil

    fish oil is very healthy regardless if your exhausted or not. too many good thingz that it does to your body



    At the moment I’m just taking 3g of each before bed time instead of spread out through the day. Does this make any difference? It’s just I have quite a busy schedule and the fish oil also seems to make me drowsy so I prefer to take it in one go at night.



    well i think it’s best to take 1g at each meal of the day your best taking 5-htp or zma before sleep

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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