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    Hi all,

    There are two versions about what PC muscle exercises do to your sexual health. One says that these exercises are really good for conquering premature ejaculation and the other says that they strengthen your muscle so much it squeezes your glands that produce precum (they produce much more after this), leading to PE.

    From personal experience, it was a time I did some PC exercises for a few weeks and my erection was much stronger after that and had the impression I could last forever. Those weeks I slept and ate very well though and abstained from masturbation so I can not be sure that it were the exercises that helped the situation… Does anybody know more on this?

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    Your own experience is the trump card here… PC exercises have never personally helped me but I may not have done them long enough. IMO I do not believe they will hurt you… Also precum has been given a bad rap… People who have lots of precum DO NOT necessarity have any SD problems.



    I did them many years ago, and my pc-muscles started feeling irritated, this continued all day long and it took various days to stop when I stopped doing the exercises. I do not find any special usage for them, since we can have one-a-clock rock hard spontaneous erection naturally if the kidney and liver energies are strong enough and body is working 100%. The natural erection does not require forcing any muscles, and also in best circumstances you will not feel the need of ejaculation and can continue as long as you wish and ejaculate at will.

    About precum, the more I masturbate, the more there is precum. When doing these 2 week- 1 month pauses, it takes half hour stimulation before getting any precum. In older times, I use to get precum even before starting the masturbation session itself, my penis was inflammatory all the time and urination was blocked.



    Thanks guys for the information.

    Yinyangparantaja I had suspected that precum is healed by time and the PC muscle had not much to do with this but was far from sure… PE and precum is my main problem for the time being so your post was like a treasure to me… I will keep going in the same recovery schedule, without exercises and stuff for now…



    I believe my problems began to start after I tried to follow a daily regime of kegel exercises (mainly reps). I would do about 30 reps and then rest for approximately a minute and then repeat for a few times at least twice a day for three days. On my third day of trying the exercises I was eager to see if the exercises had improved my erection strength and how far I could shoot my semen upon ejaculation.

    At the point of climax nothing happened – I didn’t ejaculate and I didn’t produce any fluid. A little while after I experienced burning pains in my groin and I have never felt horny/had libido ever since. This, plus over masturbation in my earlier teen years is what I believe to be the soul creator of all the symptoms I experience at this moment in time.

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