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    my symptoms from SE seem to only be

    small flaccid than usual


    no morning & sometimes weak nocturnal erections

    soft erections when I can get them

    my question is I know that porn is dangerous. I was wondering am I doing harm watching porn at small intervals to produce a erection w/o manual stimulation or masturbation and ejaculation. I dont do it everyday just on occasion to check to make sure Im not going down the complete impotence road.

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    i know what you mean, i’ve been wondering the same thing. Even though it’s so important to abstain from porn, sometimes i like to check to see how strong my erection is just from sight stimulation. The problem is that it takes so much will power to be looking at porn, have an erection and stop short of masturbating. I know what you mean though bro, after going days without an erection, you just want to see if it still even works…



    I agree. I always look at porn now and then to check whether it still works, but usually end up worse off because I masturbate or leak precum.

    I think it’s better to avoid porn. I notice when I avoided porn and masturbation for a long time, erections came easily from just seeing women.

    I also think porn will make you impotent. It’s happened to me before where I couldn’t get it up because even though I liked this girl, I just wasn’t aroused by her. porn desensitizes your brain. Something to do with dopamine.

    There’s a forum on the internet somewhere with a thread about porn and impotence, and 100’s of people replied talking about how porn caused them not to get aroused by normal girls.

    The more porn you watch, the more your tastes change. That’s why there’s so many fetishs out there. Normal 1 on 1 porn doesn’t have appeal, so anal is next step, then milfs, then pregnant women, then redheads etc..

    porn can go as far as to change your fetish to gay, bisexual, or shemale porn even though you consider yourself straight.

    Here’s and article on it:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    The mind is a very powerful thing people. On the website WarpMyMind, there is a hypnosis file that forces you to become gay. And according to the success stories part of the forum, there’s a 35 page thread at how this has worked on them.

    So the moral of the story is cut porn out of your life, get real women. Because if you don’t, and you get your chance with a real women, you might end up disappointing her and becomming very embaressed/self concious.

    And definetly don’t mess around with hypnosis fetishs.

    I have used normal hypnosis for better erection (not from that website mentioned), and it did seem to work very well. I can get turned on by thought alone now.

    I think my problem is staying hard atm.



    hey muff can you hook me up with that hypnosis , and how long did it take before it started helping you ???



    I did offer 10 invites to, but no one took them. They’re still there if anyone wants them.

    Just PM me your email address.

    It’s a torrent site by the way, I’m assuming you know how to use torrents. If you don’t, then look it up, I’m not going to explain it.



    porn sux.

    I get far better and more enjoyable erections from books that have some modest erotic scenes. Imagination is better.

    If you masturbate, you should do it without any mental stimulation. That means no porn, no THinking women at all. That’s as natural as masturbation can get. Just concentrate on the feeling in your penis, and in your body, relax, learn how to back off from ejaculation. It’s far more easy without porn.



    I can’t fucking abstain fo over a monh!!! What’s wrong wih me!

    I don’t think I was ever able to abstain for over a month in my life. Just recently I decided to never bust to porn again, and keep doing it the day after I get my sex drive back. I keep rationalizing let’ see what happns his time..

    F*ck!!! No more!

    I’m gonna get a tattoo on my forearm soon to keep reminding me to keep going.

    Nicolas man, any tips?? Talk me out of being a dumbass… I need to go for like 3 months and see what happens.



    I or anyone else cannot give you the self-discipline or will power that it takes to beat your addiction.

    However there is endless ways to assist celibacy, as there is endless ways to assist masturbation. I think deep inside you know the ways which work better for you.

    Clearly masturbation doesn’t make you happy at the moment.

    You cannot break your penis or prostate by abstaining, there is no need to be afraid of that. We spend too much semen in the past, the most precious fluid there is in the human body, so the only way to heal is to preserve it.

    The case for unhealthy, unsuccesful, forced, involuntary celibacy (like priests) is different. For them, ejaculation is cure, but we sure hell don’t need it.

    Although I think orthodox masturbation and maybe even ejaculation may do some good for the circulation in the pelvic area, but the price is too high: lost vitamins and hormones, diminished will power and less energy.

    There is many other ways to improve circulation there, and ejaculation is detrimental to us, so forget it.

    Just quit playing around with your health and abstain from ejaculation. Each ejaculation will hinder your progress towards healing and fulfilling sex life.



    Like anything in life it’s easier said then done.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m full of self control, then other times I just screw up.

    Sadly a decent level of self control came only after I was serverly sexually exhausted; so even if I masturbated 1 a week, or every 2 weeks, I still wasn’t recovering. Even a 2 month celibacy didn’t do much.



    Healing rate depends on age & severity. Even though I was 20 when I started healing and my symptoms weren’t that bad, I feel like progress has been really slow. It takes a lot of time to reprogram all bodily systems, like neural networks and blood circuits. Patience plays key role.

    If you plan to be celibate for short time like that, you are bound to fail. If your mind is set to be celibate until you are healed, you will pretty much forget sex. When you get on the track, you don’t need to “control” yourself anymore. It becomes a habit of life not to masturbate.



    its a balance. i dont believe complete abstinence is the solution. while it has many benefits, so does sex/masturbation. sexual arousal is a normal and healthy part of life that we shouldnt be deprived of, and quite frankly, i dont want to be deprived of. if you can have the willpower to keep it down to a reasonable rate while doing everything you can to improve your health in other ways i think that’s perfectly fine. abstinence can be beneficial from time to time but long term, i dont think its the way to go



    Balance is one cornerstone too. However some of us have found that for a recovering addict it’s hard to keep balance in his drug use. He might collapse again to daily use after one ejaculation. And then start the cycle again, and maybe never get better. Zero-tolerance to your drug might simply be easier than moderation. You shouldn’t start playing with your penis until you are absolutely sure you are ready for it. It’s like playing with fire.

    But I agree, reasonable rate of masturbation/arousal/dream sex is fine, given that you don’t ejaculate.



    hi all, im new to the forum

    so if i astain from masturbating will my penis go back to normal in size. i have astain for over a month now and am completely committed.

    also will i get my short term memory in check. i’m working out and finally gaining weight. meaning testosterone is being produced. i got down to 115 in started at 140 in 2004. I gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks. im 22 years old and im having anxiety issues bc of this.

    please hear me out and respond

    the only reason i got in this situation is bc of the things that happend in my past. i havent lived a normal life since 11. i dont want to talk about it- either but i do want to talk about my side effects and treatment i have been using now.


    i still can get aroused but i have semial leakage

    hair loss-just found a solution

    muscle pain all over random sharp pains

    depression anxiety

    memory/concentration issues

    migraine/occipital neuralgia

    inflammed prostate

    vomit spells-which have now stopped


    -work out 50 mins nothing that will overwork the body

    -more sleep and on time

    -abstain from masturbating

    -eating lots of eggs

    -taking codliver oil, omega 3, vitamin E, multivitamin, b complex, magnesium, cacium etc.

    -starting vegetable juice this week


    vomit spells are gone

    have more energy

    gain of weight and muscle- i have no body fat

    no muscle pain today but idk

    headaches dont last 12 hours now they last 6 or less and nots as frequenti cant work so no money to buy supplements that are advised to take.

    if i ask parents for money then they will figure out my condition and i dont want them to know bc they will be extremely be disappointed. ive returned back to my religion and more strict about it. christianity.

    so will all of these symptoms go away (outside of hairloss) if i just get more sleep continue to eat healthy and take multivitamins.

    or are the herbs required?

    and when i recover or if i do i will tell everyone and assist much as possible. i believe that this condition is like using drugs and sometimes everybody needs somebody to believe in them so they can pull through their problem

    send the positive energy around we all need it



    You need some yoga/tai chi/meditation to learn how to deeply relax your whole body (in any situation). When you can manage this, you will be happy and healthy. Also these ancient systems provide techniques to amplify blood flow to diseased locations. Without the transforming exercises you don’t reap the fruits of abstaining.

    For hairloss I would try urine therapy. Works wonders sometimes.

    Pray to your God.

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