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    Whenever I got aroused for some time, it really depends, but sometimes its just some minutes, I got some degree of blue balls. I have observed that since I went into the methyl supps (or maybe its just that I never taked a look to them) that my balls have regained most of the normal colour (skin, flesh colour) that they should have BUT only some minutes of arousal makes my nutsack grey and eventually reddish depending on the time I have been aroused.

    Back in the day when my penis still some percent of reasonably functional and I had a girlfriend I got really hurting blue balls and they lasted for hours if I didnt ejaculate. Well, I though it was normal with more than 30 minutes of arousal but ive noticed it is just not normal, because I get this blue balls WHENEVER I get some minutes of arousal. The more time of arousal, the worst the blue balls. The scrotum becomes very reddish and the testicles become inflammed, but they dont always hurt. My question is, does this tendency to get blue balls point to some physiological problem, like prostatitis or something?

    And, can hormonal problems like high estrogen cause this? Most of the time I fee like my genitalia are just offside… permanently.

    This is horrible!! I cant even get aroused now! What the F*ck? Is this prostatitis, inflammation from high E2? What is this???

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    I get the same too.




    Something lies between these listed possibilities

    High e2 causes prostate inflammation, high inflammation also lead to prostate inflammation

    thats why i do recall Lin, i tried his method in oils and it worked

    but i noticed that e2, keeps going up and then gets back to the normal range, and this causes pain after arousal…and semi-like prostatis symptoms to me.

    Get a long walk daily, and inhibit your e2, and see if things get into control. try to reduce your inflammation thru oils , notice that ginkgo is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.



    this happens to me too…

    even 10 seconds of thinking about something sexual, will get my prostate all fucked up.

    ive tried SO HARD for the past 15 days or so to just completely shut down my sexual thoughts and remain abstinent. my prostate feels a tiny bit better but there is still clearly a serious issue.

    what kind of oils do you suggest ?

    the urologist’s final prognosis was that i have prostatitis.. GEE THANKS DOC,, fuckign moron.

    he said they found bacteria in the semen analysis but it did not grow. I have no idea what this means but he cant give me a specific antibiotic. So he gave me ofloxacin which is like impossible to find anywhere.

    F*ck him. F*ck my life. im also more premature than ive ever been.

    i havent ejaculated or masturbated in a couple weeks but this morning i woke up hard, and stroked my dick for like 20 seconds, and i was about to cum (actually some came out) but i stopped just in time to avoid a full ejaculation.

    the doc said my prostate is swollen like one of a 60 year old man. HELP




    Dude I used to think that my case was different than yours but its becoming obvious im one of the worst cases of SE in the history of the forum (top ten!), since it looks I also have prostate problems. We need to research this shit. I cant focus on prostate for now since im highly concerned about methylation and other things (hormones,neuros,vitamins etc), if finally when I have balanced every shit in my body my prostate problems dissapear (lets fucking hope yes because im having very fucked up thoughts these days and controlling myself is getting really hard) I will tell to you charlie. God I understand you so well…

    I cant help to say that… I havent seen any young males recovering from prostate problems, they have forums that are at least as depressing as this one. Probably worse.



    Then you may need to go to another doctor to get an antibiotic ,and retest after 1-2 months

    in case the bacteria is gone , but the prostate is still swollen then you may need to lower your DHT, since its the main culprit for your problem.

    But again, lowering DHT can be a killer if it exceeds the target point and will lead to other complications, thats why i said in one of my replies that you need high amount of fish oil or any strong anti-inflammatory agent like grape seed extract,

    pomengrate extract,reservatol that can inhibit this swollenness plus Pygeum bark since there are no links or evidence that it lowers DHT in serum like saw palmetto



    Good info. , what was those oils dr lin advices then? Fish oil and Borage oil?



    the most importent thing in fish oil is DHA, since EPA conversion may need other factors and tiny amounts may reach to the end product DHA that converts to PGE-3

    the same thing for GLA (boragepromise) are then converted to PGE-1

    in case you are not interested in the lowering inflammation thru oils, then we can use other agents like grape seed extract or reservatols that is proven to lower inflammation in joints and prostate by inhibiting COX-2 (another inflammatory agent)

    so blending the oils with another ant inflammatory can give you results in a 3 -6 months, maybe some potent herbs like pygeum can give you relief in a shorter period , which i may try .

    Sargonnas, there are more than one way… and it depends which way your body will perfectly response to it.



    thanks shell.

    can you tell me also what is the best way to increase the synthesis of prostaglandin E1?



    nevermind i think u answered it above.

    im gona go on a heavy regimen of

    flaxseed oil

    borage oil

    fish oil (salmon)

    that along with my antibiotic (ciprofloxacin which i stil have 3 weeks worth from a while ago when i discontinued it)

    and some other supps to reduce my excitatory levels and im praying this shit clears up soon.

    my prostate and sexual health have been messed up for 10 months now.



    Sounds like a good plan charlie. Im probably go into one oil, I just need to decide one.

    About flaxseed:


    Looks good! I really think all this oils can only have a possitive impact on us.



    Well you may need to start low which is the best and the most classical way to start

    3 grams of fish oil that gives 1800mg of omega 3

    3 grams of Borage or black currant oil that gives around 700-800of GLA

    then steadily increase the dose till you reach 6 grams of each oil , give it 3 months at least to see the difference

    you may also think of considering another agents that lowers the DHT in your prostate tissue that was mentioned earliery or just search for

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    and choose the most affordable approach.

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