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    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    also check this out

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    Truely said….

    Thanks alot Js…



    In the 2nd link if you click interactive brain activity or somethign they give you this really cool slide thing where it shows a normal brain, a brain of coke addict, and a brain of a coke addict a 100 days clean.

    Since essentially our brains are addicted to sex which is higly comparable to coke addiction I think its a good demonstration.



    Notice how they say under sexual addictions “16 million americans suffer from sexual addictions, the least understood of all addictions”

    damn right.



    werd ……thats the main thing abstaining will help you reverse…….an addicted brain, which is obviously very important.



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    more good stuff….subsitiute coke and heroin with porn and masterbation



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    Abstaining rulez! Abstaining is pop! Abstaining is different! Abstaining is cool!

    Be cool!



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    who is to say that OM has the same effect as those drugs though =/



    If your addicted to masterbation….which you are…….you have a very similar brain chemistry to a coke addict. thats all im tryin to say through these articles.

    abstainin from all sexual activites sould be paralel to a coke head being clean. Studies and imaging have demonstated that with time their brains show signs of recovery and rebuilding. In theory the same thing can be applied to masterbation and orgasm for our brains.

    Im not saying abstainin will heal testosterone, adrenal fatigue, thyroid. Im just sayin that doing your best to reverse an addicted brain ( which is to some degree possible maybe not 100 percent though) is also important.

    the brain for sure is the most important sexual organ. Even with testosterone of 410 I could get it up as long as I was relaxed and turned on. So fixing all your hormones will no doubt help but you also need to work on reversing some of your neuroplastcicty.

    Im actualy workin on that now as best I can. Its gona take months if not years though of dedication.

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