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    I believe its extremely hard to reverse our conditions as we are seeing, none of are us 100% healed and may never be healed… so as the ole doc says

    “Your wonderful sex life is about to be over”

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    We can heal, we just have to figure out the underlying cause. There are things that assist our sex life, that have not been discovered yet, in the fight of sexual exhaustion. However, we will find them. =)



    i hope so bed. im praying ! im willing todo anything to reverse this horrible condition : D



    He is referring to the destructive practices that leads to your sex life being over. On the other hand, he claims that with his products you’re about to rejuvenate.




    for christ sake will you stop moaning and pull your self is this?

    how has that helped any fucking one?

    we all did this to our selfves so face it and get on with it,posotive thinking is what you all need

    for a start its clear you know little about mind body connection+ how is that going to help any newbe on this site?

    when i came here my wrists were still healing,for people with little self hope this post is a fucking joke



    Time sounds angry but he is right. You guys need to keep it positive, we did not put this forum up to give up. And this is a reversible condition, not cancer we’re dealing with here.



    yea im angry, not at max, or any one

    just angry and its doing me no good.

    ive walked home and seen girls every where!!!!!!! and i mean every where!!!

    knowing dam well at this moment in time i cant have relationships with any,so i dont even bother stoping to speak to them.

    instead of going on a massive downer about it, i think of the future,could be next year,year after or the year after,depends how much work you put in./

    this is all down to us so deal with it,the more negative u are the longer its going to take u to recover.



    Time im not moaning i simply stated what dr.lin has stated , thats ALL : )



    Time you should get a girlfriend and talk to her about ur condition , i have did that and it helped alot!!! most girls are willing to work with you, plus u can still give them great pleasure through lins finger plyers : )




    moaning git



    the best thing is to have sex first thing in the morning but not to ejaculate, i heard this is very gooood for building back up sexual power



    Time dude, calm down… I work in one of the most popular grocery store here and almost every single god damn day I be seeing some world class girls here, many of them from the local university which I will be going to this fall. I’m a veteran of over six years and I haven’t killed myself or anyone yet.



    im playing man



    Time you could always try Urine Theapry if your desperate enough that is : )




    yea man ive been considering drinking my own piss,, mix it with squash.

    im not desperate im just willing to do what ever it takes,cant emagine the parents catching me doing that tho!



    I know what you mean, i willl thinking about trying it to but only has a desperate measure i read an article that in a clinic a doctor gave his patients that suffered from impotence and he put them on UT (urine) and i think 90% of them reveresed, and also it was Cow’s Urine : ) but i heard human will work good to, i have to research it more , its an interesting topic




    at this moment my mind is the worst part of this,

    last week everything was wicked!

    yesterday went weird as,pressure just apeared in the back of my mind like it used to, felt dull as,couldt look at people in there eyes but felt i had to, couldt stop grining wen i was talkign to people

    real akward feelings,,,today pure fatiuge and couldy thinking all day

    not good when ur trying to hold down a job



    Urine therapy LOL!!!

    Will someone keep a log if they do this

    I hope so… haha



    Time, i’m glad your not the only one who has trouble looking at people in the eyes. I hate it. When I look away from their eyes for a second or 2 I think Oh God they are going to think I’m not paying attention or something and that really gets on my nerves.



    Time do you think the looking at people in eyes and feeling awkard is a symptom of exhaustin? because i do have a hard time communicating and looking people in the eye and before my exhaustion i was extremely popular and very talkative,energetic, now i barley have a social life = [



    same bro and yes it is,

    when i go, i cant stop smiling, but im not happy in the slightest,my heart speeds up, theres a pressure in my mind and i cant speak properly

    i stutter loads

    im already on 5htp!



    Time do you think its easy to reverse that condition compared to problems with erections and what not?




    ive not reversed either so cant commment



    Max, i think you should be positive about it and stop moaning and complaining. this isn’t AIDS we have. my condition has already improved from just oils and losing around 20lbs of fat.



    what have i said about moaning and complaing ROFL : D how funny

    all i said is what dr lin told me , i dont think you can read very well : )



    Ahhh boys, let’s play nice. =)



    ”I believe its extremely hard to reverse our conditions as we are seeing, none of are us 100% healed and may never be healed”

    if you’re so desperate and feel like shit, then stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it.



    This forum does help plus I do believe in Dr. Lin’s advise. All it needs is patience, trial and error and a positive mind. I have been suffering from sperm leakage. This especially happened after I’ve just taken a shit, then I feel like taking a piss, so when i go to take a piss it’s sperm that comes out. and this was keeping me exhausted coz even though i no longer masturbate I was still being exhausted. So i tried high dosage fish oil/borage oil, but I kept diarrearing, so i went on low dosage fish oil and evening primose and a month later…no sperm leakage. This is a major step for me and the struggle continues! it’s woking on my acetylcholine and dopamine.



    well good on ya , my dosage of the oils is 2g.

    its interesting you got results with evening primose oil, although i was warned about it.



    in the clinical studies, evening primrose oil had a very good conversion rate to pge1. i had posted a article on this forum about the clinical study. evening primrose oil came first, blackcurrant oil came second while borage oil came third.



    i had just read that there are currently in the process of making i believe it was sunflower oil or something with 35% GLA, even higher than borage oil

    so why do you recommend borage oil over evening primose oil? is it the dosage required?






    i wonder if thats because of the nature of the borage itself

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