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    Once again F*ck Dr. Lin and F*ck Dr. Richards.

    If they knew how to help people their first advice would be: get lab tested for adrenals, thyroid, and androgens. Then post me the results.. and now we can start helping you. Every case of SE is individualized, as we’ve already figured out, and every person will eventually need different doses of meds..

    so hope someone sues his ass or something.. they have perfect reason to.

    But making a wikipedia page is actually a GREAT idea dude.

    There should be a page on SE, a page on hard flaccid, POIS, and so on.. all mentioning this forum and other forums, the testing that needs to be done, and basically our understanding up until this point

    When this spreads to whoever runs/edits wikipedia, all the people that are gonna frequent the page, and doctors.. for sure this is gonna grab people’s attention…

    Then people can email you, , and sooner or later someone is gonna be willing to do research.

    By that time hopefully all of us recover.

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    He said Its a GABA deficinecies and other abnormal levels of brain chemicals, and the same cause for Ear ringing.

    Its sad , i wanted him to join us but it seems he was scared to hell to take this step, maybe because it may harm him more than doing him good (knowing that he is not a human doc) or because he isnt the one who responded (maybe customer service).

    ,it will be great if you can post his response



    i admire your hardwork in trying to make this mainstream but unfortunately dr.lin is right he is not a doctor and neither are you which means no one will listen to you guys no matter how hard you guys try to make this mainstream dont want to be pessimistic but thats the sad truth and dr.lin is smart enough to realize that thats why he told you that , i know dr.lins products are crap and hes not even close to perfecting hes practice but hes been in the game longer then anyone i know and understands this preety dam well , hes been around for a long long time im sure in the past he tried to make this mainstream but he realized hes not a doctor and theres no point hes right when he sais im not qualified to do so , your trying to make mainstream a new “condition” in the medical field yet your not a doctor or have medical background you know how crazy that looks? beleive me im the first person who wants doctors to realize this shit and figure out ways to help us but were not in the position to make this into the medical textbooks im sorry to say even doctors get laughed at sometimes at conferences bringing up new certain conditions imagine someone with no medical background presenting this its just nuts i really dont know what your thinking?



    At the very least, making SE mainstream will help other people with SE realize Dr. Lin is a quack and is cashing in on a real problem. It would be so great to see nothing more than the truth put a stranglehold on Dr. lin’s cash flow.



    I still dont understand why everyone wants to shutdown dr.lin can someone please fill me in? am i missing something here? if im not mistaking if it wasnt for dr.lin we would never know whats going on with us the man has alot of flaws yes i know but until this day if i ask him a question that has nothing to do with hes products he will anwser no matter what, i mean i should be the first one to attack him he told me to take androgel with hes products and i did back then i didnt know shit about e2, testicles getting shutdown, primary seconday,ect so i fallowed hes plan and my testicles got shutdown even further and i got messed up even more were if i just knew about clomid back then i would of used that with proper thyroid and cortisol treatment might of healed myself but still i dont blame him i can take that much its ok camone guys lets not bullshit each other here if it wasnt for the guy we would be lost as hell.



    Actually it can be made mainstream, a perfect example is what’s happening with the propecia crowd right now. There’s a class-action lawsuit being done up here against Merck, also new studies are being done about the possible sexual impotence effects of it.



    i believe that those who tried his products and find no success, felt like they have been deceived, and not to mention he never mentions in every post that his products are sexual enhancer (only few posts that i have found that says that his products are sexual enhancer that may recharge your glands ..etc)

    But i found his knowledge is important and i think his explanations are worth to be red…they are not waste of time

    And i listed his products as an options to heal… there is a possibility that if it failed with some it may succed with you knowing that many (from his website) who have tried his products felt horny and started to over masturbate again which means you need to be careful about controling your urges.

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