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    Sargonnas was diagnosed as an Asperger years ago!

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    Actually I do not like to use term leaky gut as it is new wave and misleading. When ever I explain this to some one or even mention it they are like “Am I going to die because I have holes in my colon” LOL. I just tell them “let me rephrase it a bit The medical accepted term is increased intestinal permeability”. They are like “oh that sounds much better…” Yes you are starting to draw the dots. People with aspergers are able to see patterns which normal people can not see. This is what I refer to as Dr seeing it on one dimension and I see things in a 3-d plane. What I see and Dr’s see are completely separate things. This is why I can go through a case with 100 pages of lab work then give my findings to Dr in a very short time with pin point accuracy which when explained is medical supported. Just in a simple amino acid urine test I can extract vast amounts of information since my brain is running through 1000’s of patterns decompartmentalizing information based on the individual in matters of minutes. I have been in contact with people who have autistic childern and once I have the proper testing it will be interesting to see what I will be able to accomplish with them. Once you make progress with one child word will spread like wild fire in autistic community. Most of these parents are uneducated and have been to the “best” Dr’s. The problem is these Dr’s are very knowledgeable, but have so many cases they can not give the attention needed. I like to handle no more then 20-30 cases a week so I can spend the proper time with each person giving them a full hour or more. Plus it saves time for further research if I need it




    Yeah you carry a lot of sense in this, but I got used to the term “leaky gut” as it is very used in Internet.

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