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    I’m 99% sure I have Asperger’s syndrome and I believe it played major part in the development of my condition. Aspies tend to have higher testosterone levels, that’s why I had(have?) endless desire for sex. Also masturbating became more like compulsive behavioral and I couldn’t see the reason behind it. I just did it.

    Any other aspies there?

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    a close family friend who was my roommate in Spain for a month had aspergers, and she showed no signs of having a high sex drive. in fact, it was quite the opposite- whenever i would talk about girls or suggest he try to get at a chick he’d get very uncomfortable and ashamed. maybe he just kept it all to himself. i know another kid with aspergers though who didn’t seem to have an unusually high sex drive, but i’ve seen him try to hook up with girls on several occasions and he’s really pushy. he would like grapple them then really awkwardly try to kiss them. to answer your question though, i haven’t noticed an unusually high sex drive in people with aspergers. it could just come from another part of your genes.

    i’ve always been extremely perverted when i since i was a little kid and when i started jacking off i would do several times a day… often 3 or 4 times in the span of an hour or less. i dont attribute that to anything but me just being me. too bad it all went to waste.. i would be fucking the shit out of girls left at right here at college if porn didn’t exist in our day and age



    sorry the one in spain was a guy.. i didnt mean to say she



    I always got uncomfortable when people talk about sex and girls (because I got no expierience, only problems), the only thing I could do is to go home and masturbate 5 times =P

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