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    ….that last.

    Well for me anyway!

    I told you guys in earlier posts how lots of Zinc Picolinate had really helped me well now I have tried Aspire 36 and it’s unbelievable!!!!!!!!

    It doesn’t give you out of control spontaneous erections anywhere anytime but when you are ready for sex and begin stimuli then my penis just grew incredibly hard. It felt like a teenagers penis again.

    My wife noticed it straight away as I entered her from the delicious moans she uttered on penetration.

    Also because it felt so hard it gave me confidence and I could tell that I would be able to hold ejaculation for almost as long as I wanted. THere was definitely non of that “oh God think I might blow soon here!” no going a wee bit soft half way through intercouse either.

    What I really noticed though was that when I did ejaculate which then usually brings my wife over that my penis stayed really hard, usually once ejaculated it wilts too quickly for comfort leaving my wife working against a softening penis. This time it stayed fully hard until she had finished working herself against it. It was still hard on withdrawal and as we lay and watched tv it just stayed semi hard most of the time, I also noticed it was really easy to get it back hard again and I could have easily done another marathon round.

    THis was followed up by very hard morning erections and felt the effects until at least the next night.

    This stuff really works and does what it say on the box.

    I just got the free samples but will make an order now I know it works.

    I am 45 by the way so if it can do this for an old man…

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    yup gotta love that ASPIRE =]

    i love the stuff

    im still gonna try LiqUid Cialis to compare




    From which site did you order this stuff?



    Free SAMPLE

    i ordered it from here

    Paravol is also a great product to try, and u get a bottle free (month supply)

    i got the free sample and i got a sample of aspire and i ordered the aspire sample, so i got 2 free samples



    They definitely need to come up with a veg cap version of tihs stuff because I can’t intake gelatin.

    I hope that it’ll work even for someone like me who has some pretty weak erections nowadays.



    its vital in terms of healing to have a full blood test done before trying stuff like aspire and even other herbs.

    i would have saved myself tons of money and time by simply getting a blood test and finding out i was hypothyroidism and hypogondism



    I just ordered a free sample . Do they send a confirmation ?



    Its good that you have found a herb which is working, it seems that this herbal combination does not contain any stimulating ( draining ) ingredients. I do not however know what is ophioglossum thermale extract, it seems to some kind of pde-5 inhibitor according to google search. Basically this combination strengthens your stomach, supplements essence to burn and then initiate erection. Its much better than viagra which only initiate erection.

    Schizandra is one herb which is considered to supplement kidney energy and kidney jing ( essence ).

    Huang Qi is same as astralagus, and it is considered a spleen ( digestive ) and lung tonic in TCM.

    Here is one text about such herb:

    “Schizandra is a famous tonic historically consumed by Chinese royalty. It is one of the few herbs that contains all three treasures. Schizandra is renowned as a beauty tonic and is considered to be a youth preserving herb. It has been used for centuries to make the skin soft, moist and radiant. It is also said to be a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, and is believed in China to improve memory. It is also said to be an excellent sexual tonic when consumed regularly. It is said to help produce abundant sexual fluids, increase sexual endurance and to strengthen the whole body. It is used in many tonic formulations as an ìastringent.î Schizandra has a wonderful multilayered flavor when processed properly.

    Schizandra develops the primary energies of life, and generates vitality and radiant beauty when used regularly for some time. If used for 100 days successively, Schizandra is said to purify the blood, sharpen the mind, improve memory, rejuvenate the Kidney energy (especially the sexual functions in both men and women), and cause the skin to become radiantly beautiful.

    Schizandra is said to increase the Water energy in the Kidney. In particular, it is said to vastly increase the ìwater of the genital organs,î referring to the sexual fluids. Schizandra is said to promote the production of semen. It is famous for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue and for increasing the sexual staying-power in men. Schizandra is also said to increase circulation in and sensitivity of the female genitals. Many women claim increased genital warmth and sensation after using Schizandra for a period of time. The Chinese sexual classics claim that continuous use by a woman will increase the amount of ìfemale elixir,î a euphemism for vaginal secretions, during intercourse.

    Schizandra is considered to have ìaphrodisiacî qualities, especially when combined with other Kidney tonics. Furthermore, Schizandra is one of the most important astringent herbs used in Chinese herbalism. An astringent herb conserves fluids, and in the case of Schizandra, it tends to contain sexual fluids until the appropriate time of release. Thus, consuming Schizandra for a period of time, one tends to build up sexual fluids. Schizandra is used in sexual formulations to prevent premature ejaculation and to help promote incredible endurance.

    Schizandra is widely used to beautify the skin and to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and wind. Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra, the skin tends to hold its moisture and becomes full and beautiful. It has always been very popular with the wealthy men and women of China because of its youth preserving and rejuvenating effects. I have seen the benefits of this herb with my own eyes hundreds of times in my life. People who start taking Schizandra regularly all change for the better. Their skin virtually glows and becomes clear and fine after several months.

    This herb is considered to be one of the premium mind tonics of herbalism. It is used to sharpen concentration, improve memory and increase alertness. Yet, unlike caffeine-like stimulants, Schizandra does not produce nervousness. In fact, some people consider Schizandra mildly ìcalmingî while producing wakefulness and improved focus.

    It has been demonstrated that human intellectual activity can be enhanced and work efficiency increased by consuming Schizandra. Various tests have shown that moderate therapeutic doses of Schizandra can improve various activities requiring concentration, fine coordination, sensitivity and endurance. The tests in humans confirming Schizandraís efficacy in these areas range from threading needles to running marathons.

    Human studies have also shown that Schizandra can improve vision, even enlarging the field of vision, and can improve hearing. It also improves the discrimination ability of the skin receptors. It has been determined that this increased sensitivity is due to improved function of the central nervous systemís ability to analyze data flowing to it from the peripheral sensors




    you probably took too much of it.



    you probably took too much of it.

    How much should one take?

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