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    My note first, the guy talks a lot about raw foods. I do not personally suggest raw foods, since they can be too much for your already weakened digestive system. But I agree that only very small percent of the food intake is actually processed functionally, my own research has proved that to me.

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    “What percentage of the food that we eat do you think gets into our body’s cells? Hold on to your seats: according to research cited by Edward Powell in “Enzyme Nutrition,” only 0.01%-0.05% of the SAD (Standard American Diet) is assimilated by our bodies.

    The body is very wise. It knows, for example, how to build a whole baby from a single cell, and grow it to adulthood. My daughter, Valya, after becoming aware of the wisdom of our cells, on the wall of her room, “How come every separate cell is wise and together they create an idiot?

    The body’s cells are so wise that when toxins enter our body with food or bacteria, the body builds up a natural barrier called mucoid plaque. This serves as a filter to keep the toxins from entering the bloodstream, but it also impairs our ability to assimilate food.

    That is why so many people are able to reach 45 or 50 without many aches and pains although they eat bad diets.

    Their bodies keep the toxins out of the cells, but they also keep out vital nutrients and vitamins. That’s also why so few people look vibrantly healthy. They just don’t assimilate more than 0.01% of the nutrients. How does the body do it? It creates sticky mucous which stops up the passages in the cell membranes through which nutrients can be transferred to different parts of the body. So when we eat the food, it just goes through us.

    Raw food is one of the best ways of scouring the mucoid plaque from the intestines, but it will not increase our assimilation in one day. Also, our body needs time to adjust. Otherwise if your body removes all the mucoid plaque and you eat something toxic, you may get really sick. You shouldn’t make any drastic changes in your diet in any direction!

    It takes about 30 days on a raw food diet to improve extremely low assimilation to 10 per cent, which is 100 times more! For younger people this process takes less time, for some it can take a little longer. That improvement makes a huge difference in our wellbeing. After being on raw foods for six years, I am assimilating about 30 per cent now. When you are able to assimilate more, your food intake begins to shrink. Yogis at 100 percent assimilation can eat only a tablespoon of food per day and survive, since everything goes into their cells. “

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    its good to use juiced foods, once in a while, to help with assimilation and to give mechanical digestion a break. of course improving your digestion rate and eating smaller frequent meals is another good way.


    Elroy Stress

    Emotional, mental, physical or environmental stress alters the normal function of the body. Stress affects digestive secretions considerably.

    In TCM the spleen is greatly affected by stress, anxiety and worry. These emotions cause the spleen qi to become deficient. As the spleen governs transformation (of food and drink) and transportation (of fluids), if the spleen qi becomes deficient the fluids cannot be moved giving rise to dampness. Candida albicans can thrive in damp conditions. Diet

    Poor diet can cause a weakened spleen and dampness. Foods that impair digestion and dampening foods are those which are cold in temperature, too sweet or salty, mucus-producing, and stale or rancid. This includes sugar and refined carbohydrates, citrus fruits and juices. Too much raw food additionally weakens digestion, evidenced by loose or watery stools. Also included among yeast inducing products are certain kinds of ferments, yeasted breads, alcoholic beverages, most intoxicants, and any food in excessive amounts. Complicated meals of many ingredients promote pathogenic fermentation in the digestive system, exactly what yeasts thrive on.

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    “Spleen in our body works like a generator to produce energy (Qi) from fuel (food) and then transport that energy to all your organs, limbs and transport turbidity out off the body.

    Whatever reason that causes Spleen deficiency and not producing energy, the body will react like there is not enough fuel (food) in the body, craving for instant energy such as sweet, and carbohydrates. The truth is that our body already has enough food; the problem is the generator (Spleen) not functioning efficiently to produce energy. Under this circumstance, two things happen in the body:

    First, there is not enough energy in the body and organs; body feels fatigue, easily tired, experiencing lower immunity, allergy, no motivation and other signs that are related to each involved organ

    Secondly, Lower body energy due to Spleen deficiency not only gives us a false sign that we do not have enough fuel (food), but also the Spleen’s transportation function decreases that body tend to accumulate turbidity, phlegm and fat. Excessive phlegm and fat further cause blockage organs’ function such as heart, blood vessel, and prostate, productive system. Each individual has different clinical signs and symptom depend on which organ has been blocked.

    Proximally 1000 years ago, in Chinese Medical History, there was a specific SPLEEN SCHOOL led by Dr. Li, Dong Yan. His book is still one of the most completed discussions regarding the function of the Spleen today. Some Spleen School scholars stated if one has Qi (energy) would not crave food. If there was no qi in body, body would crave food, accumulate phlegm, and then more meridian blockage and Qi cannot circulate through whole body.”

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    “1. Drop the greasy, spicy, rich, heavy, alcoholic, sweet and fatty foods. They all contribute to spleen, stomach, liver and kidney dysfunction. These organs cannot handle the super size, on-the-go, sugary, meat or pasta with cream sauce type meals. They become burdened under the weight of these foods, and cannot carry out their proper function of digestion and transformation. When the body is overloaded with foods it can’t digest, it creates an overheated or even overchilled internal environment much like our external weather. Food, water and fluid excesses accumulate in the middle, resulting in a dampness and sluggish qi/energy and blood.

    2. Drop the White stuff. Yes, I said white. White bread, white flour, white sugar, starchy and processed food. They have little to no nutritional value, and simply burden the digestive process. Even consumption of dairy products such as milk cheese can create excess mucous or phlegm in the body. If over consumption continues, this will over time also lead to an internally damp environment with accumulation and stagnation of fluids which gets distributed all over the body.

    3. Do not eat foods that are extreme in temperature – too hot or too cold. Cold salads, hot drinks or anything extreme can contribute to internal imbalance. Allow your food to warm up or briefly cool down before consuming it. Your organs will thank you for it.

    4. Get moving! Get your body going – regular exercise is vital. Remember calories expended need to be greater than caloric intake in order to burn and shed excess fat. Whether it is cardio, resistance training, walking, running, Pilates, or dancing, the key is to move. At least 30-60 minutes every second day is an excellent start.”

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