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    Please go to this site and fill out a patient form. And report back on your TCM diagnosis when you get an e-mail back from them.

    I want to see what TCM syndrome patterns do some of your condition fall into for further analysis.

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    Thank you so much for your precious time to fill out the form. Our experts team and I have researched your personal condition carefully. As to your sexual exhaustion such as impotence,

    premature ejaculation and weak erection Chinese medicine considers it is due to deficiency of liver and kidney. Therefore the treatment strategy is to tonify your liver and kidney so that give you a comprehensive treatment and help you successfully.

    According to your condition, herbal tea is the best treatment. Our suggestion is 20 days herbal tea to see the efficiency. Are you ready to the treatment now? Hope we could help you a lot.

    Wish her a speedy recovery! Write soon.

    Dr. Ming



    Hmmm…this means that the liver is probably part of your problem. He didn’t specify if it was kidney yin or kidney yang but I would guess that since he didn’t say kidney yin it’s probably kidney yang which is easier to treat.

    I would e-mail him back and ask if it lends toward kidney yang or kidney yin.

    A while back I was given the diagnosis of kidney yin deficiency and deficient fire in the stomach (I suffer from anxiety, dry stool, hot flash like symptoms etc.). I was also diagnosed with kidney yin deficiency and blood stagnation by a TCM doctor that I actually went and see, the diagnosis was given after analyzing my pulse & tounge with the only other information being my condition of impotence and some depression.



    Well, I have been reading the materials on Dr.Lins CD and it explained that repeatedly emptying the seminal vesicles eventually results in depleting the testosterone reserve responsible for recharging the ANS (Many sexually exhausted young men still have testosterone levels above the 500 ng/dl according to Dr.Lin). The body then solely relies on the adrenals for its source of testosterone and eventually tires the adrenals out.

    Your body then is locked in a low testosterone mode unless jumpstarted by an external source which are herbal formulas. When the body is jumpstarted by an external testosterone source, it then charges the ANS which in turn charges the endrocrine system which can now produce hormones the level it use to so now the endocrine can recharge the ANS without an outside source (Dr.Lin puts the car analogy here).

    Testosterone will give the ANS a instant charge but it alone cannot do the job. You must have to do this when you are relaxed such as when going to bed. Dr.Lin suggests soy + zinc for the liver to prevent testosterone from being aromatased excessively into estrogen.

    This does not explain the cases of high testosterone people such as who’s condition may be of another factor such as nitrix oxide, PGE hormones, acetylcholine etc.

    So I would suggest that some of you step up and try Tongkat Ali 1:50 (+ other factors), I will experiment with it but at the end of the first semester at this new college.



    your condition, it is due to the kidney-liver yin depletion, our treatment strategy is to supplement the liver and boost the kidney, quicken the blood and free the network vessels. Our experts suggest you would take our herbal tea about two months. We suggest you would order our 30 days herbal tea first. If you are interested in it, please let us know. Thanks!

    Our herbal tea is very natural and no side effect, it is very effective

    The total cost of the 30 days herbal tea is $240.00



    HOw effective are there herbal teas?



    im glad the Lin cd is being useful to you…



    At this point I do not recommend anyone to order the herbal teas or herbs from Dr.Ming because I have (I have experience with hundreds of different supplements so I’ve seen a lot) and saw no improvements in any area. With another local TCM doctor, I did saw some non-sexual improvements in my health but it is not significant to warrant the amount of money I put in.

    There are many syndromes of impotence in TCM, the most common is kidney yang deficiency. I would like to see what diagnosis would get, considering that his testosterone is high unlike some of us.



    what do you make of these herbs for yang deficiency?




    A lot of the herbs considered to be yang, boosts testosterone or are stimulant like. You can find many different formulas for yang deficiency in Chinese herbal stores.



    Chinese medicine considers your listed problems are due to kidney deficiency



    roasted not-hulled sesame seeds ( preferably black ) are considered very effective for kidney qi, kidney yin and liver yin deficiency. 15-30g every day.

    -nourish liver and kidney, yin deficiency – blurred vision, tinnitus, dizziness, recovery after illnesses

    -nourish blood, clear wind – headache, dizziness, numbness

    -moisten and lubricate intestine – constipation

    I dont personally recommend playing around with too many yang tonics especially not big dosages, as most people are qi, jing or yin deficient in the root of the disease.



    thats weird how TCM thinks its my kidney that is weak … i dont get that



    You can read about kidneys in TCM, its very complex to find the correct diagnosis in TCM. Kidneys are the “root” for all yin and yang energy in the body and have tons of functions.



    By kidney it includes the adrenal glands, a kidney diagnosis is pretty much a hormonal problem.



    i have a kidney problem to i suppose, since this is hormonal, is this easy to fix?



    “As to your condition, it is due to the dual vacuity of qi and blood. Our treatment strategy is to supplement qi and nourish the blood. Our experts suggest you would take our herbal tea about 1 to 2 months. We suggest you would order the 20 days herbal tea first. How is your opinion? And if there is any doubt, please let us know. Thanks! Hope we could help you!”

    That validates my own diagnosis, as long term dampness is usually result of long term qi insufficiency. Qi and blood go hand in hand. I think the long healing time, research and food testing took its tax on my general Qi, even all organs are now in balance and qi is flowing smoothly. I have to preserve all energy, and all my health problems go away.

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