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    Heard you took pregnenolone but I’ve been reading that oral pregnenolone is not effective, have you tried a transdermal version of it?

    I see that they sell a low dose transdermal pregnenolone online but I’m reading how all these people including Dr.Crisler were able to make their own higher dose transdermal pregnenolone compound. Only problem is they won’t say what exactly did they use to make their compound. A lot of talk but no recipe. If you know anything, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Hey , only using these pills at the moment.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I cut these into 4 pieces and have been taking 1 piece (12.5mg), but have upped it to 2 pieces (25mg) as of yesterday. The reason I cut them up was because my hair was falling out more on 50mg, and I got constipated (but loads of supplements were making me constipated at the time).

    These pills work absolutely fine for me I feel. However my experience is all anecdotal as I don’t have blood tests to prove whether it’s really working for me or not. But I have written down observations, which you’ve probably already read in sarogaa log (easier waking up, tightening scrotum, darker beard). The same anecdotal experience I have with DHEA recently, it gives me dull kidney pain and lowers my cortisol.

    I wanted to use the transdermal pregnenolone, but each pump is only 10mg and I have no idea how to make my own sadly.

    If you want my advice, do this. Buy the above product for $12, you’ll get 120 caps, and this can be your experiment. 50mg will be enough, and this product definitely works for me at lower doses, so start taking 1 whole pill a day in the morning. Avoid masturbation and porn and such, and try to take it for 4-5 days, just to let it build up in your system. I’m hoping you’ll start noticing something by then, more energy, hair falling out, spontaneous erections in the morning, waking up easier; and then whack one out on the 5th day and compare your symptoms to what they usually are. If it doesn’t work you’ve wasted $12 at most. But I think these pills work as good as these people go on about how great micronized and transdermal cream are (I was looking for the cream before). I know because I’ve been heavily sexually exhausted for years, lost my orgasm, destroyed my dick got hard flaccid, orgasm headache, hard flaccid, all the other symptoms (not saying pregnenolone cured these). What I’m saying, I’m still pretty fucked up, however these pills cause my hair to fall out more at 50mg a day, and still relieve symptoms in a small 4th (12.5mg) a day. So I really believe these work well.

    While you take these, keep looking for a transdermal cream in the mean time. But seriously I think everyone should get these and add them. Out of all the pills I’ve taken throughout the years (7 years of pill taking), these are one of the ones that have had a noticeable effect (and I only added them around 3-4 months ago).

    Now I’m not saying pregnenolone is a miracle cure. But I now get morning wood, and can keep erections for a long time ballooning (while before they kept going down).

    So my opinion on the whole matter is pregnenolone is one thing that has helped my hormones the most I believe. And normal pregnenolone pills.

    However I’ve taking 25mg yesterday and today, and my nipples feel sensitive, so I’m not sure whether it causes a rise in prolactin a litte?



    sarogaa hahaha


    Yeah you should have your E2 and Prolactin in check while being on hormones. As a matter of fact I have high levels of both



    When supplemtnting with Pregnolone, DHEA the end product is not truley known espcially when we have more than a block into our system that is link to cofactors mainly .

    the P450 & the hydroxlylase (21 & 11) depends on vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), with zinc, some break ups needs a good methylation and phase1 and phase II of liver clearing up

    the other simple graph

    notice that the end of pregnelone is the 17B-estradiol which is abbreviated as E2, if the process went smoothly we shouldn’t be annoyed with any abnormal e2 level.



    I’m going back down to 12.5mg, 25mg is too much for my stomach to bear, way too constipated. If you ever find a decent cream that works, then I reckon I can get higher doses that way.



    I’ve just went out to a local Vitamin shoppe store and bought that exact product the other day, except for $18. If I was to just buy this product from though it would have been $6 shipping so I guess about the same.

    I’m thinking about buying pregnenolone powder from [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] and adding aloe vera gel as done by this guy under the handle m_81 on the propeciahelp forum ([MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Debating whether to invest in over $100 for the 100 gram or just go with the 50 gram, the savings is tempting.



    When dealing with preg one does not know what pathways it will go down. The idea of it rebalancing hormones by filling in the missing pieces of the cascade has not been proven. People taking preg have reported elevated e2, progesterone, however no proven increases of testosterone or DHEA. Preg in my experience does act like licorace root and keep cortisol around a little bit longer then normal. How much not known. Nipple sensitity may be coming from it converting to estrogens (many of them) not prolactin as one may think. It has been shown balancing thyroid and other factors have resulted in serum increases of preg.



    Very good point HANS… maybe.

    You should say at leat ONE TIME a specific way to go. Thats for what we are in this forum, and in others, remember??



    Preg to me is russian roulette you never know where it may end up. It can actually lower DHT in some people as well since it does have progesterone like characteristics. I use preg oral 10-25 mgs in people with anxiety and gaba imbalances. In these cases the idea is not hormonal pathways but stimulation of specific neurotransmitters.



    dude hans thats the way to do it…awesome to see u being specific because u know a lot!!!…I was thinking the same of preg…so do you think direct cortisol (cortef) is a better choicee?



    When dealing with low adrenals I will always look for issue causing it. usually its found in the immune systems ,neurotransmitters, endocrine systems or even psychological or environmental factors . This is always first step in any case I deal with by examinig medical history, family history, and events leading up to when symptoms started. Then look have evaluation done to look to see where imbalance are in blood test. Once you get thyroid and adrenals tuned up preg has been shown to rise to some degree in serum. To address your question I would start with adaptogens first (verfied after cortisol saliva test) then after 4 weeks reasses. I usually give people 8 weeks before having the dr implement preg or HC. By 8 weeks and more digging the source of imbalance can usually be identifed and dealt with accordingly.

    Give a natural approach 8 weeks then if not then move on to pregenolone first then HC



    HANS could aluminum intoxication be a cause of adrenal fatigue?



    Yes and foreign substance in body can be stress to the body. I am finding hypersenitivity in people with certain metals now. Use a different deodorant. no one you buy from store. Aliuminim can cause dysregulation in CNS majorily because it binds with other nutrients.

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