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    Like many here I am also very interested to know how you are able to be abstinent for 19 months now. That’s almost 2 years. It would greatly benefit lot of people here if you could tell us in detail the following:

    1) What were the problems you were facing?

    2) How did you manage to remain celibate for such a long time?

    3) What benefits you noticed after starting Celibacy? (would be more helpful if you can let us know how the benefits increased with each month of celibacy)

    4) Do you exercise? If yes what type of exercise?

    5) What foods you eat?

    6) Do you take supplements? If yes what are those?

    Many thanks,


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    There is many problems in life, but I guess you are asking about the sexual related ones. The basic stroy: premature ejaculation, seminal leakage, dull orgasms, testicular pain, perineum cramps


    I decided to abstain until fully recovered. Then I started making vows. If you believe in God, swear in his name. Or your mother’s grave. Make such a holy oath that you don’t dare to break. But make it for short intervals. Going straight for 2 years is too much to handle for sex addicted ego. So first aim at 2 months. If you find benefits, continue to 6 months. If you see more benefits, continue to 12 months. You should continue until you see no more benefits. After each interval it’s more and more easy and pleasurable to make the vow for next interval, because you will find benefits. The passion not to ejaculate will grow. Ejaculation made me always feel like a shit loser so it has been pretty easy to abstain from it. I know if I do it, it’s a little pleasure for 2 sec and then it’s gone and all you have is a shit feeling left and then you easily start going downhill with other evil habits. Never ejaculate, and you will always feel like a winner. NEVER EJACULATE!!!

    There are other fundamental things in life, and believe me, sex is not one of them. sex (or at least ejaculation) is useless for other purposes than creation of a new human life. Find other things that make you happy for more than 2 seconds. Improvement in chi circulation makes me more happy than sex could ever make. Lose porn addiction and get more healthier addictions, like exercise.

    Reading about the subject of brahmacharya/celibacy/continence is very encouraging too, especially when you feel weak to resist temptation.

    Many other factors too.

    Quote: More peace of mind, energy, stamina, self-control, insight of personal life, deeper breath, better chi/prana flow. I think breath/chi/prana is the best indicator of health. I don’t really remember anymore what happened then and then, and for my sexual related problems, I don’t really know cause I haven’t used my penis and I have no interest in using it in sexual fashion. But they’re not problems when you’re in celibacy, see. But I did some tests in the first year with porn just to see my reaction to it, I never had such hard and pleasurable erections in my life. Visual stimulation didn’t put me on the edge of ejaculation anymore.


    I do mostly running and muscular/soft style yoga. Yoga has been very important for me to open up my ribcage, diaphragm and pelvic floor to breathe naturally. Celibacy is also a principle called Brahmacharya in Yoga, so they go perfectly together.

    Quote:I started a simple vegetarian diet with healing, I also eat some fish. My typical breakfast is like muesli with fruits, nuts and yoghurt. For dinner some rice and heated veggies. In the evening maybe some bread with fresh vegetables and little cheese and a glass of milk. I drink room temperature water (not with meals). And most importantly I do not over-eat, because it makes me feel like shit. It is also important to not to make an issue of small falls.


    I used to take many (like zinc, magnesium, calcium, D, B, carnosin) in the first phase of my healing plan. But I threw them away later because my urine was constantly filled with this white material (excess semen or bacteria because of inflammation). Also thinking about these complex formulas of vitamins made me only frustrated and doubtful about healing because the nutritional system seems so complex and impossible to fix. I found it to better to trust my body’s own healing power.

    My only supplement now is my own urine. It’s full of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and you pay 0$ for it. One glass in the morning will keep the doctor away








    Any way

    Ist a critical path to heal ….



    You say that you cannot get any type of erection. How is your penis sensitivity? Does your penis feel cold? If your sensitivity is good then your problem is most likely an issue with blood flow.



    Well let me add more details. The following are my problems:

    1) I do not get spontaneous erections

    2) I do not get erection when I am standing

    3) While watching porn I can get erection but it is so soft and weak that it quickly falls. I cannot sustain an erection

    4) When I am lying down in a bed and have erotic thoughts I can get an erection but again they are soft and weak and I cannot sustain that erection

    5) Some times I feel morning erections while waking up. But the moment I wake up fully they are gone



    thanks z.

    I am a bit surprised by circulation problems. I always thought this might be due to hormonal issues. I mean, to sustain an erection you need hormones right? I feel that my penis is not full, hard. There is some blood flowing in but my best guess is I would feel more full, hard if hormones were there.



    If hormones are your problem then prolactin is likely to be the cause. When dopamine gets low there is an almost constant release of prolactin which dampens your state of arousal making it harder to sustain an erection.



    voodoo below are the results from the last blood test I took [march 2009]. I would greatly appreciate if you see anything there:

    Prolactin = 4.5 (2.1 – 17.7 ng/mL)

    Estradiol = 32.1 (11.6 – 41.2 pg/mL)

    DHEA-S = 491 (35 – 430 ug/dL) *out of range*

    Testosterone, Total = 431 (241 – 827 ng/dL)

    Testosterone, Free = 1.59 (0.95 – 4.30 ng/dL)

    TSH, Ultrasensitive = 1.45 (0.35 – 5.50 uIU/mL)

    T3, Free (FT3) = 3.66 (2.3 – 4.2 pg/mL)

    T4, Free (FT4) = 1.35 (0.89 – 1.76 ng/dL)

    Cortisol, Free 24 hour Urine = 29.90 (2.6 – 37.0 ug/24 hr)



    high e2, low testosterone

    everything else looks decent.




    Thanks Max.

    I always believed that my Testosterone was the problem. It has been dropping steadily. In 2008 it was 100 points more, in 2009 it was 200 points more. So in 2007 I had around 590. I am not sure what is causing this drop.

    In any case how do I fix this E2 and Testosterone?



    maybe abstaining caused the drop?

    and it does change… my testosterone changes all the time.. 550-750..



    well i never abstained Max. i tired once and failed on the 4th day.

    how do i decrease E2 and raise T?



    Try Dim for a couple weeks and see what happens…..



    Is it safe to try something like DIM?

    which brand would you recommend and what dosage should i take?



    i dont think DIM actually lower e2, just changes pathways…

    try ZINC picolente 20mg daily



    Well, your cortisol is high, so your adrenals are functioning ok. Its only when you have low DHEA and Cortisol there is a problem. You need to make relaxing life style and dietry changes to get it into balance like I suggested in my previous post.

    As for lowering your Estradiol, I would recommend following the book I suggested. There are 5 detox functions in the liver and I cannot remember exactly which function removes oestrogrens. Its mostly specific vitamins and minerals which help cleanse the liver, particularly suphurs and vitamin b12 in high doses. You will probably find a good book on liver detoxification in your local library. Lots of organic brocolli, sprouts and cabbage will also help lower your Estradiol.



    dude just get rid of your fucking computer and find something to do with your life. the harder you try to not think about porn the more you will; its part of the human psyche. you don’t need all these crazy supplements and stuff, although they do help. the best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself involved in something else you enjoy –– that is what gives us the most happiness/contentness with life, which is essential to recovery. in this process you will take your mind off all this crap and let your body recover in a natural and effective way. if you can make it 2 weeks or even 3 i bet you will feel fantastic. i think thats a good amount of time, anything over a month or so is getting excessive. masturbation is healthy (without long porn sessions), but you need a break. keep your head up and handle.

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