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    I was watching a fascinating documentary about autism and trying to find the cause. It seemed to say that there might be a connection between the GI tract and autism. They talk about thousands on microbes in your gut, some being bad that can affect the development of the brain. The scientists were also saying that maybe diet has some link to autism. They said that low carb diets may lessen the symptoms of autism.

    They say those with autism tend to be less social, fixated with objects, and walk on their toes. Anyway, here is a link to the video to check it out for yourself:

    Sargonnas, has been saying for awhile to look at the gut. Problems in the gut can cause neurotoxins in the brain.

    Maybe it is wise to look at the GI tract or the gut to a possible solution to SE.

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    Without a doubt, you may look into the GI Thread that started

    thanks for the link.

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