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    What if our problems weren’t with the hormones themselves, but actually with Autocrines/Paracrines.

    Reading chris’s thing about taking Paracetamol demonstrates that there was an issue with the autocrine signalling not necessarily hormones.

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    what is an Autocrine?



    you need to know that parcetamol plays a role in the hyothlmus gland , and may lower your testerone in some cases

    And technical it may be a field you need to search it very well…because its related to our issue with hormones, neurotransmitters and high inflammation, oxidative radicals and nutritional defenceies



    , I am not finding anything any on Paracetamol effecting the hypothalamus gland..



    I took it a period ago and i felt very bad…and very low

    and then i knew that it manipulate the hypothalamus and reduce the PGE-2 into the lowest range( you need to balance it but not killing its balance in the body)…not to mention it exhaust the liver and kidneys if its taken on daily basis…

    here are my links Nirvana..





    The first two links didn’t work. It is interesting that you had that reaction to it; how much were you taking and for how long did you take it ? So far my reaction to it has been great. PE and Pre Cum has improved as well as the weakness in my joints I feel after ejaculating. On another note, I have also tried fish oil and found it had zero effect. What do you think is a more efficient and safer way to take care of Pge2? Do you think that maybe cutting down the dose of tylenol will be more beneficial ?



    Also , did you have symptoms of elevated pge2 and inflammation?



    I fixed the Links Nirvana

    well i took 2 caps ( each 500mg) a day to combat my fever, and the second day i took 3 caps

    well i took it in total for 3 days but i suffered from un-explained sweating, tiredness and totally dull and tired , depression and i think its related to my poor body hormones in first and my imbalances in second

    About the fish oil i feel that you need to consume it in larger doses.. where you need almost 1.5gram of EPA and 1 gram of DHA ( which means 4-5 caps a day )

    + GLA to combat the joints and inflammation around your body , it will take around 3 months to feel the difference specially when your body is in illness ( like our situation)

    Your last point… i really don’t have any suggestions but you need to be aware and careful while your taking the paracetamol…

    Yes , inflammated joints like what you suffer , and a sense of burning in my skin all through my body…it comes and goes often

    but what you need to know that PGE2 is needed in the body with a certain range but if it exceeded the range by being low or very high symptoms may start to appear

    check out this



    Hmm.. from your experience it sounds like you were just sick..especially since you had a fever. Furthermore, those links didn’t provide any evidence of it lowering testosterone. Yes, I know we need Pge2, but excessive Pge2 is just as harmful as low. I have been take 1000mg of tylenol daily for the past few days and have noticed great benefit. If anything, I feel quite the opposite of low t; My libido is better, but then again, Iv been having a lot of sex since discovering the benefits of this. Also, my hard flaccid state has subsided quite a bit to, erections are better as well. I know that taking this long term is not ideal, but it sure is nice to feel normal sexually. This stuff works. Me and my girlfriend had sex 4 times the other night, the best sex we ever had, I will continue to take it until i find an alternative.



    Glad you’re doing better man.



    BTW Prostaglandin can be increased as well with mustard seed

    Interestingly enough, prostaglandin is also suggested to be raised if you experience hair loss. Which means that is PGE2 is low this leads to hair loss, but I don’t understand right now if PG in HIGH amounts helps hard flaccid, or hurts it.

    This is what I want to figure out. I’m considering taking high amounts of fish oil, mustard seed and Primrose to try and test this out.



    You would want to increase Pge1 and limit pge2, if that is your problem. , I cant say for sure if what I am taking is directly effecting my hard flaccid or not, all I noticed was that everything has been hanging nice the past few days. I have been ejaculating a lot lately which I need to cut down on, but in the past, everything got tight after I ejaculated, which in my case could be from pge2/inflammation. I also noted that I stopped taking pregnenolone because I felt like it made my hard flaccid worse. This shit is very confusing and frustrating; I would really like to not take tylenol everyday, but it works for me..



    There are worse things you can take everyday other than tylenol.

    But it does nothing for me.

    I might try taking it – one pill a day for a week, and see if anything changes.



    There are worse things you can take everyday other than tylenol.

    But it does nothing for me.

    I might try taking it – one pill a day for a week, and see if anything changes.

    Take like 6 pills a week. See if it works. Maybe cuz you and I have it worse than Nirvana we need a bigger dose.

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