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    I have an autoimmune disease..

    I’m wonder if a good amount of us have some type of autoimmune disease…

    I been experimenting with diet lately and i been feeling pretty good

    I always knew that Gluten and all grains aggravated autoimmune disease.

    Recently i found out all dairy including raw milk,goat milk, tomatoes, egg whites, peanuts, alcohol and chocolate can contribute to autoimmune disease and flare up..

    Loren Cordain has a lot of success with healing autoimmune disease with this diet paleo. He does say this isnt a cure all approach but it can greatly help reduce symptoms in most of his patients.

    I’m just doing todo an experiment and follow his diet for a few months and test my antibodies to see if i get a reduction.

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    my younger brother found out he has a gluten allergy like 4 years ago and stopped eating it (which is really fuckin hard to do nowadays).. and the results are incredible. he used to be kinda overweight and congested all the time and just kinda unhealthy looking, but now he’s slim, built, and much healthier in many other ways. its hard to explain, but not eating gluten has done wonders for him



    how/where do you get tested for an autoimmune disease?

    Maybe I got it too..

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