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    Being curious, I have observed few forums lately which concerns mental health care, both patients and doctors and ‘specialists’ discussing about health, mental health, pillers, psychology and all that stuff. The following text is result because I got little angry reading those forums. Because anger is not good for ones liver, I will write this text and then go walking outside and meditate to normalize my state of mind. But I have to say this first.

    All I can say that most of the patients will never, never, get better unless they leave those places and forums, stop going to their doctors and psychologists, stop eating their pillers, forget “scientifically proven” methods. Those merit/money hungry criminals are not doing good to anyone. The doctors and specialist are so clueless: they think they are somekind of saviours because they “help” people ( read: tell them to forget about healthy eating, defaming alternative health methods, despising methods that are not “scientifically proved”, telling patients to stop doing their own research and blindly accept what pillers and theories their doctors throw at them). I would throw those doctors/specialists to jail who forcefully try to make their patients doing something against their own will. All they are good for is thinking their western medicine and pillers or harsh methods are superior and are actual helping people. I do not even know what that “scientifically proven” means, since no one knows what happens in the body and there are no real time devices that covers even 1% of what happens in the body at any given time ( think about all those thousands of hormones, neurochemicals, vitamins, minerals, organs, endocrine glands, brains, 100 billion brain cells, bones, nervous systems, enzymes, digestive systems and whatever makes us an organic and living being ). Do they really think on their right mind that eating one synthetic drug will put their health back on track. Because it is not nice to laugh at people with problems, I feel sorry for them. The patients will never get cured and no one can help them. Also, those doctors and psychologists are in need of serious help themselves, and are not an example of a healthy persons mentally nor physically. One would think that if they know the secrets of health, they would use their methods personally. But because they know nothing about health or true methods, they do not have any methods to use. Also, they argue with their patients and most of them are not human friendly.

    I do give merit though to surgeons that saves peoples lives in accidents etc.

    I will also point out, that the patients are equally responsible and guilty for going to those doctors and psychiatrists in the first place. Everyone can choose how we take care of ourselves and who to trust, nevertheless what kind of pillers we drop to our stomach and what evidence to trust. Children are different, since they can not make their own reasoning, and thats why children should be protected from the destructive mind-altering pillers and criminal doctors as much as possible. They silence todays kids with those pillers because they do not have a clue why there are so much mental problems, concentration problems, autism and those affecting todays children. I may not have an ideal answer either, but I would never prescribe children nor adults on any drugs.

    It makes me feel sorry for all those people suffering from terrible problems, being in the edge of suicide and this is the help what we they get from the society.

    I am not saying the the methods and approaches that I support and research ( taoist, natural ) are the only right one, but at least they try to emulate the natures way to live and be, and they are not causing further harm to anyone. Those natural methods try to see the body as a whole and looks for the root causes and putting the body totally back to balance. Own personal observation and evidence is highly valued.

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    I do not agree with that. Problem MUST be recognized for future.

    Even if i get many stupid doctors, some of them are clever and open-minded.

    It’s a dysfunction. It’s a weakness of nervous system. One of my friend find a very cool doc and he recognized sexual exhaustion and test a medication. It’s a big hope for me. Maybe the solution is natural with fish oil,eggs, herbs …. but anyway it’s a logical solution and working like a medication.

    Anyway i agree with your life style approach. The more natural natural life u get, the more good health u have.



    I have to agree with . some doctors are indeed open-minded and smart.



    I think you are both right. I will get sometimes angry when I research all these forums. There are both good and criminal doctors out there.



    Your not alone in that Yin. I too try and control my anger.



    I always get pissed when I try to research something like Accupuncture or Homeopathy and “Quackwatch.com” comes up near the top of a Google search. They have a big time angenda. They have to be funded by Pharmaceutical companies. They never have anything bad to say about drugs, but they question even techniques that have been proven to work.



    we can never do without docs…thats a fact. but the problem with most of our doctors is that they are limited to the medicine they learnt in med school. plus medicine teaches “symptom-treatment” rather than getting to the root cause. another problem i’ve noticed with some doctors is that they cannot stand an informed patient. it hurts them that they spent 6 years in school and you are there to challenge what they know. however there are a new crop of doctors who are holistic healing-minded. i was watching one doctor on tv who was talking about the importance of iodine and he himself admitted that he didnt even learn much from med school about iodine and that he just had to research on his own later and found how helpful it was.

    read also books from such writers as Don Colbert, MD who not only talk about holistic healing but spirituality too which is another major factor we’ve removed from our lives in the 21st century to our detriment



    many doctors are ignorant about a lot of simple things like vitamins/minerals. I had my own share of problems when I wanted to treat my hypothyroidism. but finally I found the right MD or GP as they call it here.



    The one think that makes my blood boil, is that some doctors do not encourage their patients to research and solve the root of the problem, but instead try to manipulate and force the patient somehow ‘accept’ his situation and take temporary drugs instead and live like that the rest of his days.

    Also, when someone has terrible symptoms and is exhausted, no one in his right mind would tell and categorize him as mentally crazy when he already has tough times.



    I’m agree with that. It’s very hard to keep controle when the doctor don’t respect you.

    In fact, there is a problem for doctors to link : exhaustion and fatigue.

    There is no research on sexual exhaustion

    There is no model to cure sexual exhaustion.

    Doctors think that : be tired after sex is an old and a stupid idea.

    That’s correct for 99.99% of people. But sometime for rare persons, body is weak and nervous system has a dysfuction. In this case, sex is tiring.

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