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    hi guys

    came back from a tropical holiday for 2 weeks

    when i was sitting on my balcony i found that seeing hot half naked women on the beach i would get a erection (not superstrong but would last some time, sometimes full erection)

    when i spoke with the boyfriend of the girls i desired, i somehow felt that it was wrong to desire them, so then no more erection

    im starting to think i have libido but only for really hot girls and i have to have no mind clutter when desiring them

    i would also wake up with hard morning erections

    anyways.. i don’t like this shit, it was better than i expected (i think maybe some stuff in my head not correct)

    also did a massage, was really good.. i even had a free consult with a doctor.. they measured my blood pressure and it was 90/70 which is really low… so she asks me if i feel tired/lethargic (i say no but i feel a lot like this), she says more exercise, more sleep, good food and some more salt in my diet… your input plz? i think i have this problem for many years, i can live with it no problem, but now i found out i think it might be related to the sexual part???

    i still ordered 200 pills of 400 mg tongkat ali 1:50

    they arrived .. im starting my cycle on monday, 5 days on 2 days off

    ill start low (1,2 g) and gradually build up to 3,6 g each day

    youll hear from me

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