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    jerk off once on 21/5, wet dream on 22/5, masturbate again on 23/5


    seems this action would defer my healing progress……

    still seldom morning erection and 60-80% hard erection…

    when could i get healed

    it is really a long process

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    Ask your self why do you do it in the first place?



    Find a reason to stop. 1 Reason could be you’re sick and tired of being so darn tired! Another could be that you want to be able to live longer. (As excess ejaculating will kill you since it is depleting the body of it’s hormones and nutrients.) Or maybe you want to be more cheerful! (It isn’t called joy juice for nothing!) Write down a bunch of reasons why you want to stop and repeat them over and over again. Say them aloud and when you are about to do the act. This may sound corny to you, but this is how I eventually stopped! It works! Good luck!



    thanks a lot and i ‘ll try ~~ the reason!


    i ‘ll like to know why i did wet dream sometimes

    it’s irritating



    I think a lot of the guilt comes from being unable to control it, feeling forced into masturbating, then feeling bad that you have let yourself down for giving in.

    There are also cultural reasons why people might feel bad about it, especially if you have been brought up in a religious family.

    If a person is tired through doing something that is good for the body then they feel physologically good about it but if they are run down doing something they dont want to do they will feel bad.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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