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    First of your body needs to rebuild nerves and hormones than deal with your sex drive and sexual function. No matter what you eat you will not heal if you don’t overcome the porn addiction or whatever makes you a wanker. You have to let go that part of your life. I personally worked on my health and fitness to get pass it. Find a hobby lol.

    Here’s the run down

    main parts to your diet

    1. raw eggs – stimulates hormone growth to balance epinephrine. Make two raw eggs into a protein shake with milk. Other than this one exception avoid dairy as much as possible.

    2. Load up the greens! Leafy green veg is the most important part of your healing method. You’ll charge up your hormones this way. Spinach kale romaine cabbage are all good. Look up a nutritional calculator online and youll see just how much we lack in vitamin intake.

    3. Really give juicing and juice fasting a try. I honestly don’t know if I would have recovered as fast as I did without it.

    4. Lean protein. Keep away from fatty foods especially meats. (exception avocado dem is good) If you look into the principles of juice fasting and raw foodism youll see that fatty cooked foods slow down your nervous system and actually trigger overactive histamine and hormone reactions as if you were getting sick.

    5. Keep away from unnatural food products as much as possible like artificial sweeteners for example. Keep your body clean and running smooth.

    6. No drugs booze or roids. Your body doesn’t need more imbalance and or damage. Booze slows down liver function which slows down healing.

    Supplements: take amino acids,mulitvitamin,lecthin,low dose magnesium, maybe the blue or green alage supplements if you want to get crazy!! Umm if you take the mostly vegetarian route use spurlina protein mix (avoid the soy cause it can boost estrogen levels) to avoid loosing muscle brah…

    Basically the healthy food should be your main supplement cause your body only absorbs so much from a pill supplement.

    any questions on my experiences or need advise please ask!

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    so how do you measure your progress, ist completed or in way.

    the second question, did the symptoms diminished at all, or they come and go.

    Iam Glad that there is a new member to managed to find a solution for his problem,

    Congrats Cf0000.




    I don’t agree with some of the things that you said and I’ll explain why.

    3. Juicing or Juice fasting.

    Too much sugars – it is better to eat WHOLE fruits than it is to blend the fruits in the blender and drink it.

    4. Lean protein.

    You shouldn’t just eat lean protein, the other meats are not bad for you and have vital vitamins and minerals.

    The supplements I cannot comment on because I don’t know very much about them.

    Other than that a very well researched and well written post.

    Welcome to the Forums cf0000!



    Ill agree that some red meats and stuff like liver is really good for our reproductive organs.

    I like to make carrot or green juice to cut down the sugar just getting the nutrition and stimulating hormones is really important



    I judge my sexual function by performance and strength of orgasm. After abstaining for 3 months i masterbated every couple weeks and i could notice morning wood and stronger orgasms. I will say that i had fall backs and about 4 to 5 months in i started hooking up with a coworker and i started to have ed problems again. I figured going on a sex spree doing it twice a day sometimes was the problem. It was like kid in a candy store… i went from having no sexual relations for three years to having sex with probably the hottest girl i had sex with to that point. I had to learn to repect myself and abstain again. Learning to respect and love yourself is the most important part of healing.




    Well said



    See, I don’t think it is just masturbation, but also oral or vaginal sex can cause sexual exhaustion. I think it all has something to do with adrenal glands and your stress hormones. That is why I chose to abstain from masturbation and any sexual activity until marriage and then I would only do it for reproduction purposes.



    Well thats quite sad, honestly. You are taking it too far.



    Well, I already took it to one extreme and that is how I got into this mess in the first place. My religion (Catholicism) also dictates that I should wait.

    I also think that is good for my overall health to abstain. Who knows, maybe I will end up having a big family.

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