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    Hey guys! Wow, I haven’t been back to this forum in years! I decided I’d come back, and do as much as I can to assist our members. =)

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    Welcome back man great!

    How are you doing? Recovered?



    Ok that can happen sometimes yeah. What kind of stuff are you taking, could you post your recovery story?

    I’m still here. I’m currently having mad success erectile wise on my current program which my doctor has put me on. Fatigue is still present but weenie is working great!



    yeah bedwards, can you post your recovery story and things that you are taking?



    I want to hear your recovery story too!

    As for me, I didn’t really change that much! I didn’t really think about it. A lot of it was just being confident. I was just living life! However, here is some of the stuff I did stick to:

    1. Lift weights. I was lifting heavy and failing at 6-10 reps on 90% of all my lifts. Every couple weeks I did a “max” day, and set a one-rep max on either my bench press, deadlift, or squat.

    3. Cardio! Alternated between low intensity steady state cardio, and high intensity interval training.

    4. Eat properly… Your body needs the nutrients. I always have eaten frequently through the day (at least 6 times). All my carbohydrates are coming from very low glycemic sources (oats, sweet potatoes, sprouted grain bread) and have a serving of vegetables with at least 4 meals. I cut out all junk food. It just makes recovery even harder. My protein comes from mostly chicken, turkey, lean beef, and eggs. After weight training, I take a whey protein isolate shake. My fats all come from fish oil (10g per day), almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and olive oil.

    5. I stay away from caffeine and stimulants.


    As for supplements, here is what I have used/experimented with:

    GNC Mega Men: 1 with your 1st meal of the day, 1 with your 4th meal of the day

    GNC Stress B with C Complex: 1 with your 1st meal of the day, 1 with your 4th meal of the day

    5-HTP: 50-100 mg before bed

    Huperzine-A: At least 200 mcg per day (100 mcg, 2x per day)

    Alpha GPC: At least 1200 mg per day (600 mg, 2x per day)

    Theanine: At least 200 mg before bed

    D, L-Phenylalanine: At least 1000 mg per day (500 mg, 2x per day)

    New Chapter Supercritical Holy Basil: 4 capsules per day (2 capsules, 2x per day)

    Jarrow Formulas Adrenal Optimizer: 4 tablets per day (2 tablets, 2x per day)

    Highly Concentrated Maca: As much as you want!

    I masturbate 2-3 times per week, and have sex whenever I can. I still do watch porn, but I purposely hold myself back from ejaculating as long as I possibly can.



    welcome back … so nice to see your willingness to assist us!



    wow really??? plz can you post your regimen here?



    it’s in my log



    nice to have you back



    Hey Bedward, do you think your bodybuilding had a big affect in your recovery?

    When I exercise I see my symptoms improve a bit more.

    I’m just wandering if regular strenuous exercise is the last key to sexual exhaustion recovery?

    I ask this because I masturbate a lot less then I use to, and take supplements, yet I’m still not recovering that much.

    Also another person to recover was and he did bodybuilding.

    Anyway I just wanted you opinion on this.



    i would like to add i tried bodybuilding as well with the correct principles and eating correct but couldn’t gain weight no matter what

    i also felt afterwards it stressed my system too much, in hindsight it is due to my adrenal fatigue

    if i go running i feel more worn out than after for example a game of badminton, same with heavy weights

    i would suggest doing exercise start slow and see what de-stresses you, this is most important, overtraining is of no help at all in recovering..

    it’s no wonder i never gained weight with a total testosterone level of 397 ng/dl

    the funny thing is, now that im on my adrenal support meds, i can see my definition coming back, as in muscle memory, i always had a good definition but the muscle just wouldn’t come on.. now i already have thicker shoulders without having worked out last couple of months

    i hope to one day get back in bodybuilding because i enjoy hitting it hard, only then with a functional body



    good to have u back man and good to see more people talk about BB too.

    yeah buddy!!



    , 400 isnt to bad…. id say 500 would be good…

    but what most important is what is you Bioavailable Testosterone?




    the exact number is 397 ng/dl, it has come down in the years from 792 ng/dl

    free test was 0.66 on a scale to 1.20 and my doc confirmed this was a good number, didn’t get the bio available number, but supposedly this free test rating can be skewed sometimes

    dr. marianco wants it at 650 ng/dl and then starts out ruling other aspects for sexual dysfuntion (not my doc btw) so im hoping to get in the 600/700+ levels again

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