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    I am male,44,never married,no current partner,and live alone.

    Wow,quite a package.

    My question is,or more importantly, my observation is,is that the LESS I masturbate,the less alone and depressed I feel about my current situation.For years I thought that without at least masturbation on a regular basis,it would all catch up to me and I would go crazy or something.But I am finding the opposite to be true. And actually end up less depressed and feeling alone.

    Also I am discovering recently how dependent I had become in thinking you needed a relationship,or sex,to feel ok about your life.

    Anyone else having similar observations ?

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    you really need to go to a good pickup artist / PUA workshop and get this part of your life the F*ck handled so you don’t feel depressed anymore without a woman

    you can be fine perfectly even if alone but a lot of ppl just need a woman and sex

    if you can’t get that, do what i said above .. they will take you out on the streets, malls, clubs wherever and make you approach and so you can get what you want

    good luck mate and keep it on the downlow with the masturbating



    thanks for the advice.

    I do pretty well,dating and attracting women,all on my own.

    Maybe I didnt make myself clear.

    Its not that I havent had any partners at all,its just that now there is no one,and I was wondering if anyone was in a similar situation and found it less depressing to basically keep sex out of your mind,than to think if you didnt relieve yourself every day you would go nuts or something.

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