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    After weeks and months it remembers what you´ve done to it. People can over eat many years before problems occur.

    Thats why it is better to save your stomach and it will be good for the rest of your life.

    Always remember the Dr. Lin saying which goes something like that:

    Same meal for 18-year old and 80-year old. 18 year old produce good hormones, powerful sexual drive, growth. 80-year gets tired after eating, possible some symptoms, no longer sex drive, digestion problems, etc…

    One good meal has atomic energy in it, but weak stomach gets nothing out of it.

    They have all these nutritional recommendations but what I do with recommendations if I eat the healthiest meals every day but my body stays the same.

    How to protect and gradually strengthen stomach: avoiding over-eating/over-drinking, eating last meal as early as possible ( I consider this one of the most important ), avoiding excessive sweets ( candies, sugar drinks ), avoiding eating in general when not hungry, eating little but every day eating breakfast and lunch.

    It usually takes 2-3 days for the good effects of good eating habits to kick in and start producing results.

    In todays world you meet children who metabolism is screwed at very young age, they will have hard to figuring out how to cure their stomaches because it can be hard. I feel sorry for them, because problems in childhood = weak constitution.

    Ps. It is very frustrating to cure oneself from any exhaustion, if your body does not reward you by producing warmth, blood, feeling good hormones, sexual hormones from the stuff you eat. Trust me, follow the guidelines and eat good breakfast and then an extremely tasty and well prepared meal which will leave you well satisfied. Avoid torturing yourself, healing does not require torturing.

    Ps2. Learn to recognize hungry and craving. Craving something is not hunger. Your body just craves sweets and junk food because its so dam weak. This will actually damage you if you eat what you crave. It is healthy to eat when hungry but not when craving.

    Ps3. Together with decent eating patterns, exercise and body work, ejaculating rarely, and meditation or other means to eliminate stress…it is a little miracle if one does not get better. I may not know what would I do if balancing these would not give me results.

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    I agree with most of what you comments. However, I’d just like to point out that the longer you go between meals, cortisol levels increase and blood sugar and insulin swing more.

    For people with adrenal fatigue, most sources suggest small frequent meals, including a small snack before bed. If you eat at 5:00pm and don’t eat until the next morning, your cortisol levels will increase more throughout the night.



    Good point, just eat whatever best suits you.

    I forgot to say, that if you simply can create more energy in one day than you use your stomach will become more powerful too. If no problems eating late at night, I do not see why one can not eat at night.

    It is just if the digestion gets weaker then one must take proper steps to protect further damage. But if one gets better ( i.e. more effective digestion ) then the current healing path is correct.

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