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    This is one of the best diets I have found for healing.

    I have been on the diet for only a week and i noticed a big decrease in my anxiety.

    I plan on using the diet for my autoimmune disease, my goal is to do the diet for 2-4months then test to see if i have improvements.

    I also stopped nearly all my supplements except for fermented cod liver oil, bcaa, glutamine and probiotic.

    It’s a some difficult demanding diet and the author recommends being on the diet for 2 years for complete healing of the gut.

    Maybe others will try the diet with me.

    The diet details can be found here

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I urge anyone with any type of anxiety, depression, etc or digestive problems try this diet.

    I’m not sure how much the diet will help in terms of hormones. But i’m willing to try it and see how the results effect my hormones.

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    I cannot do it, I love bread.



    max what meds are you on these days?



    pregnenolone, armour



    you stopped hcg? thats intresting whats your test levels at and how many times a week are you able to ejaculate without getting tired the next day?



    hey max is the preg your using the OTC life flo?

    In order to find your dose of 45mgs did you follow chillins guidelines? Iv started with 5mg and have gotten up to 30ms but at 15 mgs and higher I keep getting the yawns and ACTH suppresion.

    Also how severe was your adrenal fatigue when you measured it on 4x saliva?



    Iam willing to try it

    specially when i have eliminated alot of factors with no improvment, i suspect eggs and dates…so i will stop them and see if any improvment occur

    thanks for the linkx




    You can’t cheat at all, just the smallest amount of dairy or gluten or eating a food on the not allowed list sets you back you square one.

    It takes a lot of work and patience.

    i’ll test some hormones in a few months to see if i have improvement,



    This is only true if you had the same problems in your youth.

    If as a young dude you ate plenty of bread and dairy and felt ‘good’ then suddenly stopped, that means something happened. you didnt suddenly get gluten intolerant. It merely means that your high cortisol levels were able to handle your gut health, and when those fell off, you start noticing the chinks in your armor. Although a dairy and gluten free diet is a good idea anyway, its hardly a cure for the ROOT cause.



    I disagree

    toxins produced by unhealthy gut flora interfere in the delicate balance of hormones in the body – some hormones become low or insufficient, other hormones become excessive.

    I would think diet is a more of a solution then simply using hormones which is not solving the root problem.

    I’m actually starting to shift away from using hormones and supplements and focus more on a healing diet (gaps diet) Only because for my individual case i have an autoimmune disease which is linked to a problem with the gut.

    All the hormones I have been on never felt any better really (t3, armidex, HCG, clomid, armour, cortef, pregnenolone)

    I would say people should try this diet for 1-2 years before going down the path of TRT.

    TRT/HRT has its solution, but im finding its very limited.

    Danny Roddy [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] has originally bought this to much attention that TRT is merely a 1 step forward 2 step back approach.

    Using TRT/HRT definitely has it’s advantages in some cases especially think like thyroid and pregnenelone.



    I wouldn’t mind trying it, but it’s not realistic for me at all.

    This diet would require me to prepare every single meal, buy all those specific ingredients for my $, and not slip even once in 1-2 years.. comon

    – I can’t afford those ingredients

    – I don’t have that much time to cook. I don’t have time to eat a meal sometimes..

    – What happens when I’m out? spending the night at a friends house?

    – what about when I’m tipsy? I’m gonna be munching on carrots?

    – it’s almost impossible to find fast food that will fit into this diet.

    – there isn’t enough carbs in this diet for someone who works out consistently.

    I’m sure every person can benefit from this diet but its just not realistic.

    No point starting something you can’t finish.

    Abstaining for months was an unrealistic goal for me too. One day you’ll be horny as hell/drunk/high/w.e and you’ll slip.. and that’s what happened to me after 6 weeks.. so now I abstain time to time but with no expectations in mind..

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