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    I dont know why I made a thread for this , but are bioidentical hormone replacement and hormone replacement the same thing.

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    if you do hormones in hrt like hydrocortisone you’re adding a natural lookalike of the hormone in your body

    if you take medrol it’s not bioidentical as cortisol

    so perhaps in that case you could say you’re on a bhrt program



    I just ask because I see they say bhrt is also called natural well as they dont classify hrt in the same.



    im still confused on bioidentical vs hrt , I see bioidentical is against the hrt route because they are synthetic hormones. where as bioidentical is natural and less harsh but want it still shut you down.



    Bioidentical is a missleading term and just means that it mimics your body own natural levels. androgel, test cyp are all bioidentical hormones.

    So bioidentical hormones are also synthetic.

    IF they were true bioidentical then LH and ACTH suppression would not occur..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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