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    In the past I took every kind of supplement (Ashwaganda, tribulus, Damiana, Muira Puama, Maca, Long Jack, ortica, Licorice, Vitamins, Minerals, saffron, garlic, ginseng, ecc.).Nothingh has worked like taking protein supplements.

    I made this discovery because I wanted to lose weight.A lot of diet (Atkins, Dukan) focus on incresing proteins intake.So I bought proteins powder and noticed huge improvements.

    I’ve been working out at various gyms for about 20 years now and never took protein supplements.Maybe I was malnourished.For me is very simple to eat too much fats and carboidrates but it’s difficult to eat enough protein from food.So all my life I probably ate too little proteins.

    Now I’m having sex 2-3 times in a week but I don’t feel tired.After sex I often go to the gym and lift very heavy weights

    No muscle pains after work out.

    I’m feeling better, stonger and I’m losing weight.

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    Which product are you using specifically, alvaro?



    I’m using different kind of protein supplements so I don’t think my improvement is due to one Kind of them.

    I’ve been taking whey protein powder, soy protein powder and bars protein .



    Aha. Ironic all these years of bodybuilding and going to the gym and you discover this just lately uh. Happens all the time, they say. Congratulations by the way.




    Yes Sargonnas.If you listen to many “experts” they say: “if you eat in the right way you don’t need supplements”.

    Unfortunatly I believed them.

    Now I now they where wrong.I did a hair mineral analysis test and the result is this: my body was in a abormal catabolic state.

    Based on the results of my hair mineral analysis test, they suggested to me to eat more proteins.

    Now I feel much better.



    My brother would buy whey protein powder and mix it in a drink after a workout. They say protein helps the muscles recover faster after a workout.



    Possibly its an amino acid deficencey.

    I to, take an Isolated Whey protein 30-50 grams a day, and my muscle ache have been reduced alot..unless i had severe insomania, or more than 3-5 nocturnal emission then nothing stops my pain yet



    Probably getting a dopamine boost which was much needed.

    Majority of issues are due to neurotransmitters, methylation, and adrenal related imbalances which where effected by pre-existing stress related issues (mainly emotional from past experience)



    Now that you mention adrenals, I have very low cortisol all day, and my insomnia, delayed crycadian rhytm, and fragmented sleep its worse than ever. I also have Hashimoto´s. What I was wondering its, what do you think of a trial of isocort while I wait for the appointment with the new doc? She is an autism expert that does yasko, im seeing her for leaky gut, methylation… hopefully she can help with adrenals and thyroid as well. Its in a month and I dont want to think in 35 more days of sleeping completely like shit, its deadly. And I have narrowed my insomnia problems to low cortisol AND/OR low thyroid, from autoimmune. Cannot get armour etc for now so what about a trial of isocort?




    Have you low cortisol? So have I (in the morning), I think.

    Proteins increase cortisol.Maybe this is why I feel better.

    Before discovering the wonderful effects of proteins I ordered Isocort.

    I used a few times and worked for me.



    Thanks for the information Alvaro! Its very useful, I was doubting if wether Isocort works or not. My “hypocortisolism” isnt slight or mild, I have it very low in all the 4x 24 saliva test taken and that was a year ago, nowadays I am worse, especially in the sleep aspect, which its very related with adrenals. So I probably need sortisol instead of protein or whatever, especially with malabsorption issues. Plus you need cortisol to absorb thyroid and I am planning to take Armour of Erfa eventually since I have Hashimoto´s.



    Sargonnas, I would take a guess and say your adrenals are overworked.

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I would say follow the general advice of the forum. Eat a balanced diet and rest.

    I will make another suggestion…If it is adrenal fatigue or in severe cases adrenal failure it is best to stick to mild to no exercise until your adrenals return back to normal. I think strenuous exercise may just aggravate your symptoms.

    Of course, I don’t think it needs mentioning, however, abstain from masturbation and porn. See if your situation improves.



    I dont look at porn, Thundercat! I have a recovered story for that. Its spiritual and rational. I still masturbate with some frequency but in a healthy fashion I think, twice weekly.

    Good advice. I have given up bodybuilding for now, its not appropiate for me, im in the last stage it seems. So rest for me. And no stress.

    I will need more than that though…




    Great! That’s half the battle.


    Before completely abstaining I was down to once a week. Even then I didn’t think that was healthy at the time. I eventually quit cold turkey.

    When I was a chronic masturbator I also had problems with insomnia. It was more of an occasional thing. I was wondering, have you checked your cortisol levels morning, afternoon, and night? Could they be low in the morning and high at night? It should be the opposite. Cortisol should be high in the morning and low at night.



    I did. They are low in all times lol it actually causes sleep problems. People often will think of high cortisol when you have sleep problems but get this: high cortisol its for the early stages and I have been sick and for some years now. I have been sleeping like shit and stressing myself incredibly with social phobia and yelling to my family and all my problems all this time. Even if you arent a type A personality these problems will stress you. That puts a direct burden on adrenals. So you sleep bad because of low cortisol BUT sleeping bad actually causes you to have even lower cortisol! Hey but I still have some energy to use and I am directing it directly to healing.



    I am assuming your adrenals are burnt out. You need to heal the adrenal glands and that might solve your problem or at least relieve some of your symptoms.

    I was reading somewhere that the adrenal glands produce 50 different hormones including the sex hormones.



    Sargonnas, being an hypothyroid is definitely the culprit for your insomnia.



    I know Shell, that and low cortisol together.

    I got a test for thyroid antibodies from my doc!!! If the results are autoimmune my parents will have to admit all my “theories” are true. They are lately using all the tools possible to make themselves believe everything its in my head and I dont have physiological disorders and deficits. I embrace the challenge! I will blast them with my internet resources. Google, I choose you!!!!




    I hate when people say that…you don’t know what I am going through, so don’t judge me. Hopefully your tests can prove your parents wrong.

    At this point…if we believe it to be hypothyroid. how do we fix this problem? What do we do from here?



    Its very complex, but a standard treatment for symptoms would be some kind of appropiate HRT depending of the needs of your specific case (T3, T4, conversion of one to another) AND adrenal support. That wouldnt cure the cause of the hypothyroidism, but its needed while you address the cause which can take years. Then the treatment of the cause of hypothyroidism, if AUTOIMMUNE in origin, would be lowering inflammation trough a paleo-like diet, curing leaky gut which will be present very probably and finally removing the initial trigger of the autoimmunity (for example Aluminum). Once the antibodies are lowered you should start with Iodoral. Eventually the thyroid starts working again.

    If your hypothyroidism its not autoimmune in origin you should explore deffiencies such as selenium, zinc, Iodine etc and other possible causes.

    One of the best places for info in adrenal and thyroid treatment its There and in other places they state that urine thyroid and saliva cortisol are much better than blood, and defficiencies will only show up in blood once the case its very severe. So that explains the discrepancy of my test results.

    Of course eventually you discover the magnitude of the problem, because while you have adrenal fatigue and/or hypothyroidism, the tests that the big majority of doctors will make on you will say exactly the opposite. Its a nightmare scenario. Welcome to the Matrix.




    Among sel, zinc, and Iodine

    + Vit D and Iron (both are low in hypo)

    Notice sarg, from my own experience, targeting the thryoid with T3 & T4 is miserable especially if your adrenal is weak…they will burn your adrenal with time, i edited my approach and supplemented the thyroid +adrenal and physical i feel more better regardless of the levels of my blood test.

    I would suggest a good support for your weak adrenal for 1-4 months, to psh your cortisol and DHEA-s and progesterone levels up

    then introduce the thyroid meds with low dose and get it high, where high doses will be more effective having more cellular cortisol that will absorb your THYROID hormonaol supplementation.



    Yeah good info Shell, I have read that lately in a very good blog in spanish about these subjects. Definetely I know I need strong adrenal support.

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