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    Hello all,

    I’m french so sorry if my english is not exellent. I’m writting on this forum to see if somebody can help me because french doctors seem to be shit with my problem. Sorry if my message is a little long but my problem is really serious, any help or advice welcome.

    I try to sum up: i’m 25 and have never had any sexual problem before , evrything was ok .

    Evrtyhing started in February 2007, i had a little urinary problem and a sensation of cold in penis , it was diagnosed as a cysticis. Doctor gave me antibiotics for that.

    During this time i had 3 intercourses in a night with a girl, with complete and hard erection , as usually, but the erection was with a lack of sensitivity and sensation (probably because of cysticis or antibiotics) .During the 3rd intercourse, the girl was on me and did a wrong lateral move, it hurted me on penis. But we could finish the intercourse. I didn’t have any big haematoma or change of color of penis on the moment, just a pain.

    I thouht it was nothing but the following days, it was still paintful ,then the loss of sensation and sentivity in penis increased a lot, my glan was totaly cold, and finally 2 weeks after, i lost ALL my erections (morning erections, night erections, reflex erections with girlfriend, etc, etc, i became totally impotent so young).

    My penis size also teribly decreased (i had good size before the problem), penis shrunk and changed of form.

    I could’nt have no more erection, so no sexual relation, and totally lost my sexual life.

    I consulted some specialists who said it would go better, it was not serious, or said shit things (prostatisis, problem of pudendal nerve, etc etc) .

    I made a penis echo doppler (for vascularisation of penis) and blood analyses which were normal.

    I tried to take viagra or cialis, and saw thanks to the provoked erection ( by viagra or cialis), that my penis was now deformed (curvature on right side), really really smaller, there is a loss of elasticity in erectile tissues, as if corpus cavernosa couldn’t grow up as before. The sides of my penis are now very hard and paintful, with no elasticity.

    The last doctor i saw thinks i had a shock on tunica albuginea during the intercourse in February and sadly, the scar healing went in bad way, and made a scar tissue on erectile tissue, and that condamns erection!!! According to him, i have a fibrosis of erectile tissues!!And he can’t do anything apparently. All that for that. Now i don’t trust doctors anymore, and have really dark ideas.

    I retried several sexual relations with viagra last month, but nothing is like before now, it’s horible , and medicine seems to have no solution.

    Nowadays , i have a very probably a fibrosis of erectile tissues of tunica albuginea.

    Symptoms are:

    1)totally impotent

    2)loss of sensitivity and sensation in penis

    3)with viagra or cialis, erection isn’t ‘normal’, with no elasticity, penis just becomes hard and paintful. Moreover the size is really smaller than before, and there is a little curvation on right side.

    4)at flaccid state, there is a torsion at basis of the penis. Moreoever, i can’t stretch the penis when i pull on it (as if it was totally fibrosed).

    5)if i take medicine for erection, as soon as the penis becomes just a little hard, i have like a seminal liquid who goes out from urethra.

    6)when i touch my penis, the basis can blow up, but the middle is totally thin, like ‘retracted’.

    7)my ejaculation doesn’t go out strongly, in ‘eject’ and big quantity like before, but just like a small liquid which flows out without any force, and so without real orgasm, and i can’t control the moment when it will flow (contrary to before).

    8 ) to finish, i have a sensation of ‘dead penis’, my sexual life is totaly destroyed, my man’s life too, i am now in depression because of all that.

    So it’s like a damaged penis which didn’t scared well, and that makes erectile tissue don’t work.

    My questions are, -has somebody ever had this case here?

    -is there any possibility to recover any natural erection and to heal from that?

    -i have read on a website about similar cases, and medicine that can heal from damaged penis and scar tissues(Dr Lin products). I don’t believe in that. Has somebody ever tried?

    If anybody can help me, or give any advice, thanks a lot.

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    I personally don’t know anything about this, but maybe some other members can help.



    it looks like you have some scar(fibrous tissue) which is causing your troubles and making your penis very rigid. it also sounds like you have an hour-glass deformity if I’m not mistaken.

    your doctor is also very ignorant to say the least.

    [one question before I continue, can you induce a manual erection?]

    there is a number of things to improve the fibrosis tissue.

    1- Hyperthermia. you basically heat the scarred area. the temperature is around 39-40C according to the research study I’ve located. typically IR must be the source of your heat. ”A second cycle was repeated after a month interval for a total of 20 treatment sessions”

    2- medical vacuum erection device or VED

    3- traction device- which can remodel the scar tissue, and although some people think this is a scam because of some outrageous comments about penile lengthening it is actually something worth considering

    4- for the pain there is a no. of options:

    a-) use oils to rub on your penis. different types are useful: olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, borage oil, mustard oil etc… you can also use vitamins e.g Vitamin E from gamma source.

    b-) ALCAR or PLCAR for the pain as well.

    c-) warm baths

    5- surgery. this is the last option and only to be considered after everything else fails.

    hope this helps



    Hello and thanks a lot for answers,

    Yes the problem is that the doctors i saw seem to be not competent and are probably ignorant (in france, ‘organical sexual dysfunction’ for young people is not well treated, doctors only know give viagra and that’s all. In fact there is a big uknowledge about it because lots of youngs have psychological sexual problems, and definitely it’s not my case, and cases of organical sexual dysfunction when you are young are quite rare, so it’s a shame but here doctors don’t really deal with them. And i am becoming mad.)

    About the manual erection, i can’t induce it, in fact, the basis of penis grow up, then the penis can ‘become hard’ few seconds (tell me if you don’t see what i mean, in english it’s quite hard for me), as for me, when i say ‘become hard’, it’s not like an erection, because before my problem, my erection was of course rigid, but was made with ‘elasticity’, and now when it becomes hard if i touch the penis ,there is no elasticity, the penis just becomes hard like that (moreover it’s paintful, not pleasant, and lasts only few seconds).

    I also add that with cialis or viagra, the erection made now takes a strange direction, instead of pointing right like before, it goes in direction to belly and navel, as it it was ‘sticked’ to the belly.

    It’s tottaly mad what happened to me, in February i had never had only one little problem about my sexual life (libido at top, no sexual illness, no urinary problem, good volume of ejaculation, not premature, can control ejaculation, no psychological problem, good size of penis, no stress, no traumtatism, never a problem of erection, etc etc, everything was ok) and now it’s like i can do NOTHING, just for an accident which seemed to be not so huge at the origin, and that doctors didn’t treat well.That sounds incredible.

    Yes Blueshark it’s exactly that, as if i had a scar tissue , fibrous tissue, that prevents my erection to go and my erectile tissues to work, and makes the penis very very rigid.

    What do you call an ‘hour-glass’ deformity?

    In the list of solutions you give me, doctors spoke to me about 2, but not really convincing:

    -spoke to me about penis prothese (i dont know if it what you call ‘surgery’?) if my erections don’t come back. Pfff, they will not come back alone for sure. And it’s totally out of question for me to put a penis prothese so young, and its too expensive, but anyway i would never accept that.

    -medical vaccum, when you tell me that, is it to ‘heal the fibrous tissue’, or just to induce an erection in order to have a sexual intercourse?

    One doctor told me about that for ‘breaking the scar tissue’, but another told me it was dangerous…. i don’t know who believe. If it can help for healing fibrous tissue, alone in my room, , i can try, but if it’s ‘only’ to induce erection in order to have an intercourse, it doesn’t interest me.

    What is traction device?

    -about the pain, i didn’t know all that. I just read about fish oil, what do you think about it? Do you know if ‘pain’ in penis means ‘inflammation’?

    I was told about vitamine E, what is gamma source?

    To finish , i read on this forum (the most i could, because it’s sometimes hard for me to understand everything in english), that DrLin’s products were crap.

    I was hesitating to make an order (but i have few money, not rich), because some cases described are exactly the same as mine (not only ‘you are impotent, so take that’, but the conditions like ‘consequences of a scar tissue after having broken the penis, symptomes like penis shrunk, corpus cavernosa broken, total impotence, pre seminal liquid, curvature- mine is not a big one-, cold penis, etc etc). I was wondering myself if the testimonies on his site are real or false, because some problems corespond to my mad case.

    Did you have similar problems than mine?

    Does somebody here ever had?

    So you think it’s possible to heal from that, a (probable) fibrous tissue ? Do you know in your country a test that can show it (radiologic exam in example?)

    And do you know to what is due the loss of sensitivity?and sensation of cold in penis?

    Sorry for all questions, but your forum seems to be really more complete that in france. And i feel so lost with that shit problem.

    Thanks for answers, if wanna to contact in private message; no problem, or on the forum too, it’s no problem too.



    get a full blood test plz, thats the only way of seeing whats cuasing problems

    post here



    @ Max:

    what do you call a ‘full blood test’, coz french doctor already made me do blood test (testosterone, glycemic, etc etc, and also for bacteria) and everything is normal concerning blood test (exept if there are some things not known by my doctors?).

    All the exams i did are normal, and i have the symptoms i in my former message, so sadly (i think it’s the most serious case, coz aparently this type of problems make you impotent for life) the problem is really in the tissues of the penis.



    plz post all your bLood work (NUmbers, UNits, Ranges)

    i mean it sounds your problem is unusually possibly physical related

    but its always a good idea to see where you stand hormonal, then make adjustments

    i think these are the best to get an idea of where you stand

    Total Testosterone

    Free Testosterone





    E2 Serum (ultra-sensitive)




    TPO (antibodys)

    well my previous doc thought my testosterone of 340ng/dl was completely normal.

    most docs think if the numbers are in range there normal.



    I would only consider measuring testosterene/estrogen at this stage. achieving frequent erections is critical because it will supply fresh new blood to heal the scar tissue and testosterene is important for this.

    I will comment on this in detail later on.




    I myself think that I may have some penile nerve damage or scar tissue due to the fact that recently (in the last 3 months, despite having been notably sexually exhausted for about a year and a half now), my penis feels limp and lifeless and even “dry”. It’s difficult to explain.

    Furthermore, my erections have gotten even weaker.

    Do you know anything that you would suggest as a solution for someone who’s penis feels limp and lifeless but who can get an erection through manual stimulation?

    If so, please share.



    Busy and haven’t been doing much research or posting lately so no comment but I think Dr.Lin would consider this as a case of broken penis.



    What would the implications of that be?



    you need to see a doctor about the penile nerve damage bro. they’ll do the necessary tests. and you also need to do some hormonal tests as well. have you looked into that.

    the only thing that I would say about scar tissue is that its usually a hard lump anywhere on the penis, some have it at the top of the shaft some have it at the bottom etc… and you end up with some sort of curvature, or build up of fibrous tissue.



    the fact is your TSH is high and armour is probably needed.

    look into seeing a good thyroid doc who can test TSH,Ft3,Ft4




    Which things indicate that he has thyroid issues?



    TSH is 2 over

    anything over 2 almost always indicates a sluggish thyroid

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