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    I have read that excess production of dht can lead to baldness, prostate problems, acne, and other problems. I’ve noticed a lot of hair falling out, especially in my eyebrows, and suffer from acne. My beard has full, think sideburns and a mustache, but on my cheeks I don’t grow a full beard. There are a bunch of random hairs but most are missing. I am guessing this is due to me masturbating too much in the past, and my body producing too much dht, thus blocking this hair follicles.

    I’m wondering if there is a way to unclog these follicles, if I will ever grow a full beard, and how long (if possible) it takes for the negative effects of dht to go away

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    thats a classic sign of hypothyroidism and or Low Iron and or Low Adrenals.



    A lot of other signs have indicated that I have an overactive thyroid. My mom also had really bad hyperthyroidism, which destroyed her health (she had have surgery and radioactive teatment, which led to eye problems, memory problems, and a lot of other symptoms similar to those of sexual exhaustion), and i think my grandfather had thyroid problems also, so its probably genetic. I’m sure the overmasturbation was a big part of it though.

    Is there any way to calm down my thyroid? Any other suggestions? thanks



    what makes you think your have hyper?

    have you done any testing?

    i never met or talked to anyone with hyper, its extremely rare.



    well i have a very fast metabolism, have a genetic history of it, you just mentioned that this was a classic sign, and i think there’s others i cant think of. i havent done any testing. i think im okay, i was just wondering if theres anything i can do to improve my situation



    I have a friend who can eat insanely like a horse and not put on a single pound. Surely this would be hyperthyroidism?

    By the way, one of the best things for acne is GLA contained in evening primrose oil, which is an omega-6 oil. If you are going to take this then consider fish oil or flax oil to get a balance of your omega-3. Or better still take Udo’s choice oil, which contains omega-3 and omega-6 including the wonderful GLA, which is brilliant for treating acne. Also, omega-3’s and omega-6’s are known for helping regulate hormones and thyroid. I am guessing you are a very thin person?

    Interesting link for you here on hyperthyroidism:

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    Here is hypothyroidism too, encase you want to read it:

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    I have this exact problem, especially whats in bold. I never had an acne problem tho, or hair shedding in the eye brows that I know of…ugh, IDK what to do.

    But from my understanding, I thought DHT it what was caused balding and shedding of hair on the top of the head. And it was also DHT that causes hair GROWTH on the body, including the face?

    voodoochild my question is how much of omega-3(EPA,DHA) and omega-6(GLA) should one be taking? I’m sure this would be a size dependent thing, and me being a big guy would need more than an averaged sized guy…



    My eyebrow is falling too, My mustache ,Beard, Head Hair

    I will ask my doc. to check My adrenals – Iron -DHT -Vitamin A

    Last week he checked My TSH, phosphor, calcium and alkaline

    But I believe everything can be fixed, I heard of Rogainine that may help in producing new hair follicles.



    my question is how much of omega-3(EPA,DHA) and omega-6(GLA) should one be taking? I’m sure this would be a size dependent thing, and me being a big guy would need more than an averaged sized guy…

    I would recommend Udo’s choice oil because it has GLA and all the other Omega 3’s and 6’s apart from EPA and DHA. All of them are important as well as fish oil EPA and DHA. If you were to take Udo’s choice you could take as much as you like up to about 5 desert spoons. The place where I buy this stuff told me a regular comes in and gets through a whole bottle every week, which probably costs $35/£20 a bottle wherever you are from. He is a body builder and wants as many omega’s in him as possible to help him speed up his metabolism to burn fat and gain muscle. Your body can convert the ALA in Udo’s choice oil to EPA and DHA, but the conversion is very slow, but will be beneficial in the long term. You would benefit from taking fish oil also to speed up the healing process.



    i really appreciate the help voodoochild. A lot of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism describe me, but at the same time many don’t. Could it be that hyperthyroidism is a gradual process that happens over time? I know quite a bit about severe cases (my mom had Graves’ disease), but I’m not sure how to interpret my situation.

    Concerning the omegas you recommended, I actually bought some Udo’s oil a couple weeks ago and have been taking it. It seems to be helping a lot, but I’ve also been abstaining from sexual activity during this time so I’m not sure which one is doing it for me. I have incredible amounts of energy though and feel more acceptant of life and less irritable. Anyways, which kind of Udo’s choice do you recommend? The one high in ligands, the one with dha, the original, or another one?

    and by the way, even though my physique is quite slim, I am pretty strong and athletic; I think dht produces muscle or something. idk if this has to do with anything




    Remember that you may have other symptoms completely unrelated to your thyroid, which may be what is confusing you. If it is in your family then you are probably right as I believe genetics do play a major role in our unique problems, for example your acne which I doubt has anything to do with your thyroid. Genetically, your acne makes you different, otherwise nearly the whole population would be suffering the same. I had a friend who took evening primrose oil and it completely removed his acne after a few months so definately keep taking the Udo’s choice oil. There is only one product available here in the UK, and that is his original blend of 3-6-9, which I presume you are taking. His DHA product is farmed DHA from seaweeds and underwater plants, which is basically a vegetarian source of DHA so you dont need to take fish oil. You should continue to take his standard product for a few months and see how you feel. If you get to the point where you decide to stop taking it then make sure you improve your diet to keep a stable balance of omega-3’s by eating more fish, seeds, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

    I doubt abstaining has produced your results. I have abstained for quite a while with no benefit what so ever. It may have helped with your energy levels, but omega-3 oil is known to improve your emotions and energy levels and it has practically cured my anxiety problems making me more confident and definately more happy. Don’t get me wrong, abstaining will definately contribute to healing, but supplementation and diet will go much further. Your body needs nutrients to repair itself.

    Interesting stuff about your build. If you are slim and toned/athletic then I would assume your testosterone is fine and your pituitary is definately producing a good amount of human growth hormone, which I guess (im not a doctor) could explain your hyperthyroid. If you get the chance you should definately see a doctor or nutritionist and see about getting a blood test for your hormone levels. Most of us here are probably different to you. I have worked really hard with weights and cannot seem to gain muscle very easily and I am not really all that strong. I store fat but hardly any muscle. I am going to try tyrosine therapy soon to increase my dopamine that in theory should speed up my thyroid/metabolism and produce more human growth hormone. I could be taking between 4 or 6 grams of tyrosine a day, yet the bottle states 500mg once daily. Apparently this is safe as there are no toxic effects of tyrosine ever reported.

    Perhaps you could describe your exhaustion symptoms. In theory you should have a good sex drive and good erections. Do you just suffer with premature ejaculation?



    I completely with you about the omegas. They have been working wonders for me. This is the most clearheaded, emotionally stable, and energized I’ve been in the last few years. On the soccer field today my stamina, aggression, and reactions were significantly better, and I was able to lift for way longer than usual in the gym. This is my first time abstaining this long in a long time though, so I also really feel this is make a difference. It’s hard to tell. We’ll see how I feel once I finally decide to jerk off; speaking of which, how long do you think I should abstain for? I have committed to myself to go through with this project 100%, and want to make an end date for it. And by the way, I’ve also been eating a lot of vegetables, nuts, and other healthy food.

    I’ll give you a brief overview of my situation concerning sexual exhaustion. I started masturbating in 7th grade and did it on average 1-3 times a day (sometimes way more, sometimes less) until 2nd semester of junior year high school when I found out about sexual exhaustion/overmasturbation. I also smoked a lot of weed freshmen and sophomore years of high school and jacked off more these years. The first symptoms I really started noticing were in my mood; I was really low in energy, really irritable, cynical, lazy, sometimes depressed, etc. I cut it down, and then started to notice that I had kinda burnt myself out sexually as well. Premature ejaculation was a big one for a while that really worried me, and my worries made it even worse. More recently I have noticed that my ejaculations are weaker (it doesn’t shoot far) and that my seamen is more watery/less white, which also concerns me. I don’t get erections as easily anymore, but getting one is not a problem, and I still have a high sex drive.

    I will definitely get a blood test done asap; I think I’m seeing the doctor within a month. As for you, don’t be discouraged by the fact that you haven’t had much success in the gym in the past. It helps a lot to have someone to work out with that can push you and motivate you. Think about something you love/desire and really push yourself to your limit towards the end of your reps, but don’t exert yourself too much. It is the final stretch/push that really makes the difference in workouts. I am fortunate enough to be able to work with a personal trainer so that helps a lot. It’s important to balance your exercise between weight lifting and cardiovascular. I would recommend picking up a sport or something you enjoy for cardiovascular; it’s much more fun and effective than treadmills or whatever is used, and you gain a skill. I don’t know much about the tyrosine stuff you were talking about, but I would really take a second thought before jumping into it. It seems a bit excessive, and you could throw off your body’s balance of amino acids and further lower your body’s ability to process tyrosine/make dopamine in the future once you’re off the supplement. It’s your call though; it could work well. Just make sure to have sufficient research on it before jumping into it.

    Sorry about the super long reply. Once again, I really appreciate the support[/i]



    Once a week or once a fortnight on the same day so your body can adjust to a pattern and produce a steady amount of better quality semen. I don’t believe in abstaining for too long as its important to clean out your prostate, which is believed to reduce the risk of cancer.

    Thanks for the advice on training.

    I was reading a liver detox book last night and it says that the liver is responsible for breaking down and eliminating excess hormones and that when it is not working correctly it can throw your hormones off balance and cause all sorts of problems and one of them was acne. Perhaps your hypothyroid is putting too much strain on your liver. You may benefit greatly from a liver detox diet for a week and it could even clear up your acne. This is the book if you fancy a read:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I think this would make a great start for anyone trying to heal. Having a clean refreshed liver helps your body to better absorb nutrients as it has less of a work load to deal with.



    thanks, idk if i can buy the book, but ill look into it.

    i jacked off for the first time in almost two weeks earlier today, and noticed that my seamen was quite yellow and watery. Does this mean anything?

    almonds are very good for dopamine production; ive been eating a lot of almond butter, which is pretty tasty and seems to be helping



    I seem to get yellow semen from abstaining too long. You should try once a week and see if there is a difference in color, which seemend to work for me. I think the yellow is where its started to go off from being stored too long. It can sometimes be lumpy too (gross!). Magnesium and zinc will improve the quality, aswell as complex carbs like multigrain breads, brown rice and oats. Mine has become pure white and thicker recently.

    Cottage cheese is the best dopamine boost as it also contains phenylalanine (precursor to tyrosine), but almonds certianly are an excellent choice also. So far having 1500mg of tyrosine daily has had no side effects so I may start increasing the dose and monitoring my feelings. I also take it on an empty stomach 20 minutes or more before a meal to make sure no other amino acids compete with absorption.

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