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    what supplements are available that increase and improve the circulation of blood in and around the penis? more often than not, in a flaccid state, my penis is cooler than the rest of my body. this must be due to poor circulation and could explain my weak erection as well. suggestions?

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    Ginkgo Biloba helps! =)



    l-arginine is a good one.

    the oils manny suggested eg. borage oil, and also blackcurrant oil can also increase blood flow to the penis. if u are overweight or obese you should also lose any excess bodyfat as this blocks blood circulation as well.



    pge1 and nitrix oxide are needed to increase blood flow to the penis.



    im 20 n pretty much perfect body fat percentage and in good, strong, physical condition so it cant be due to fat… will alpha gpc help with this any way? or do i need NO supplements? how to i get pge1 into me?

    took my 1st does of alpha gpc 2day, what can i expect? weak erection is the only smptom that i am worried about n the one i want fixing



    pge-1 is provided by thingz like borage oil and black currant oil.

    NO supplements include l-arginine and thingz like pumptech and NO explode

    as far as the alpha GPC, u need to wait and c. it all depends on your condition. don’t rush it. but since you are 20 you should heal faster.



    i would also be more concerned about your liver than a weak erection. your alcohol consumption will have definitely messed it up. so u need to also take liver detox supplements and get your testosterone levels checked.




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