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    Hey guys, got my blood back

    TSH 2.5 first test, 2.7 second

    FSH 10.8

    LH 5.7

    Prolactin 11

    Cortisol 643

    Estradiol 168 first test, <100 second test

    Test 26 first test, 21 second test

    Free TEst 546

    IGF1 409

    any thoughts? the esradiol test is not sensitive

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    holy shit, lol im way off! I had the Urine done and nothing stood out tm worry about. I need to look into saliva cortisol, but I cant really pay for all of these mail order tests so I hope labs in Canada do it.

    my symptoms are: cannot maintain erection without stimulation, after stimuletion stops penis reaches flaccid state within 5 seconds max. I had no libido, never morn erection and never spontaneaous erection. recently my morn erections have returned and are good, and the other week I actually got a semi spontaneous erection, which was nice. Libido returned somewhat, but I dont remember what I was like before, so its hard to tell what normal is… lol

    Obviously I dont know, but with my case I think that my morn erections and spontaneaous erections will/have taken care of themselves by just reducing ejaculations. Im still not perfect and will continue to do this and try to abstain for longer. The maintaining erection problem however will require some extra work and I really dont know what to try next. I’ve got some appt’s with specialists, but my expectations are low

    I dont know if its worth mentioning, but since june I went off all supplements. Im going to stay off of everything until end of july at the latest, maybe putting all of these things in my body is throwing its natural healing process off so im going to see what happens without taking anything. So far it has only been good, but it is impossible to tell if this is due to supplment reduction or my other lifestyle changes

    Yeah I hear you french, I’ll keep an eye on your posts Thanks bro



    Wow, guess our symptoms are totally different. I have no problem getting an erection, but I got the opposite problem, it’s not fully sized and I can’t get it to be flaccid again for minutes, because of the heightened levels of epinephrine in my body.

    Tough luck living in Canada bro. I’m from Toronto. I came back for a second blood test a week ago to see how my prolactin and cortisol changed, and they wouldn’t do it.

    “This is ALREADY your second test”.. “it’s not neccesary”..

    already my second test huh? I was planning on getting like 20 done so I can solve my own problem without the help of useless walk-in-cinics. But turns out 1 is the limit. Aparently it’s too expensive for them to run another one, since nothing was “out of range” in the first one. Fucking idots..

    They told me I can pay for another blood test and I said I will. The doc went to check how much i’ll be and came back with a nurse t convince me it wasn’t neccesary. I told them w/e its fine.. I’ll get tested through US labs anyway. So I asked where in Toront I can get tested for neurotrasmitters, adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones… answers: neurotrasmitters – no clue. Adrenals – no clue. Thyroid – endocrinologist with a 4 month waiting period. sex hormones – endocrinologist.

    If you manage to find better info on where to get tested in Canada please let me know.



    post the ranges



    TSH 2.5 first test, 2.7 second RANGE: .38-5.5

    FSH 10.8 RANGE: <10

    LH 5.7 RANGE: <10

    Prolactin 11 RANGE: <15

    Cortisol 643 RANGE: 140-690

    Estradiol 168 first test, <100 second test RANGE: <220

    Test 26 first test, 21 second test RANGE: 10-30

    Free TEst 546 RANGE: 200-500

    IGF1 409 RANGE: 151-358



    unfortunately it was a waste of blood and time for all I am concerned..



    Elaborate please hard…?



    [quote=””]unfortunately it was a waste of blood and time for all I am concerned..

    Tell me Hard, why is it a waste of blood for all you are concerned?

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