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    Hi everybody. i’ve got my blood results back and i’ll post them below:

    testosterone: 30 nmol/l (9-3

    free testosterone: 945 pmol/l (250-800)

    SHBG: 17mmol/L (9-60)

    FAI: 1765 ( > 400)

    Renal functions

    creatinine: 0.10 mmol/l (0.05-0.12)

    eGFR 88 ml/min/1.73m2 (87-167)

    Liver functions

    Total Bilirubin: 13 umol/l (2-17)

    Alk. Phosphatase: 63 U/L (35-115)

    GGT: 57 U/L (< 51)

    AST: 38 U/L (< 40)

    ALT: 53 U/L (< 41)

    Total protein: 81 g/L (64-83)

    Albumin: 48g/L (35-50)

    Serum Globulin: 33g/L (18-36)

    iron studies

    Ferritin: 116 ug/L (20-350)

    Thyroid functions

    TSH 1.0 mIU/L (0.30- 5.00)

    ok, so the elevated liver enzymes are due to my fatty liver, and it would seem that my soft and weak erection is due to low levels of acetylcholine and my weak liver.

    i would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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    yes i would say there is a bit of premature ejaculation there. i thought my high test levels were the reason, but could u explain why a high test level can cause premature ejaculation



    just an addition to the previous topic, i believe my premature ejac. could be either due ot over-masturbation or high test levels, but i’m not sure which one contributes to this. it might well be my weak parasympathetic nerves and my very high test levels.

    any thoughts on that armani, and is there someway i can reduced my test levels back to normal.




    both things can cause premature ejaculation. you dont need to lower your testosterone levels. just fix your acetycholine/parasymatic nervous system, pge 1, serotonin and it will solve 80% of premature ejaculation.



    also ask your doctor if you can take 5htp with elevated liver enzymes.



    so because my parasymapthetic nerves are weak, it results in premature ejaculation






    and also you have a defiency in serotonin and pge1. you need to solve these aswell to fix premature ejaculation.



    could u explain why pge-1 is important for erections? or did u mention that in the article with the 8 reasons.



    armani u also did mention something about nerve endings. do these travel along the bladder and lead to the tip of the penis. this might explain the pain in this area. 3-12 months is quite a long time indeed but it seems very worthwhile



    the damaged nerve endings can result in pain at the tip of the penis.


    all the organs in the pelvic area including testicle and penis are soaked in the blood and fluids with excessive adrenaline and pge2 for a long time that it leads to pains and burning sensation.

    pge1 is needed to relax the nerves and make them wider.



    ok the second problem can be healed with addition of fish and borage oil as u mentioned but what about the nerve endings, is there anyway to improve these.



    they can heal naturally.



    but that would need a long time considering the amount of damage they had.



    thanks for that armani



    your T levels look awesome

    i wonder if your free T is causing some PE though?

    i stilll dont understand how u were able to get on armour when your TSH is 1.0, that shows your thyroid is working correctly.

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