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    20 year old male

    Total Testosterone 10.5 ( 8-29 )

    Free Testosterone 280 ( 175-700 )

    Bioavailable Testosterone 6.1 ( 4-16 )

    Albumin 40 ( 33-48 )

    sex hormone binding globulin 20 ( 10-55 )

    LH 4 ( 1-9 )

    FSH 1 ( 1-18 )

    Prolactin 18 ( 0-15 )

    DHEA-S 7.5 ( 2.2-13 )

    Vitamin D 150 ( 80-200 )

    Cholesterol 2.82 ( 3.20-4.60 )

    LDL, Calculated 1.29 ( 1.70-3.00 )

    Vitamin B12 368 ( 155-700 )

    Cortisol AM 298 ( 200- 690 )

    IGF-1 268 ( 116-358 )

    Vitamin A 1.3 ( 1.5 – 3.5 )

    Estradiol 135 ( 0-160 )

    Homocysteine 8.8 ( 4.0 – 13.7 )

    Ferritin 154 ( 30 – 400 )

    TSH 3.83 ( 0.20 – 6 )

    Free T4 17.8 ( 10 – 25 )

    Free T3 6.5 ( 2.7 – 5.7 )

    saliva test :

    Estradiol 1.9 ( 0.80 – 6.6 )

    Testosterone 99 ( 43 – 150 )

    DHEAS 14 ( 6 – 18 )

    Cortisol AM 9.8 ( 2.0 – 11 )

    Cortisol Noon 2.5 ( 1.0 – 7.0 )

    Cortisol PM 1.7 ( 0.50 – 3.5 )

    Cortisol HS 1.4 ( 0.20 – 1.3 )

    doctors have been worthless so far says everything normal but im fairly certain thyroid/adrenal issues

    they attached another sheet on my saliva test that came with the results cause I filled out a symptom checker it says : “all of the cortisol points are within or above normal limits, yet the patient has symptoms commonly associated with low cortisol. There are several possibilities. The first is that all of the points might actually be very close to the threshold of “low end of normal” although they are still listed as normal. Referring to the actual curve is helpful in this case, as it will immediately be obvious if all the points are actually lying close to the lower end of range. It is also possible that the patients symptoms are arising from some other issue such as decreased delivery of T3 to tissue, decreased formation of T3 in tissue, an imbalance in brain neurotransmitters or some other problem such as accumulation of toxic elements”

    generally I feel like shit symptoms are tons of sexual issues, digestive issues, eye issues

    Any help would be appreciated

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    may GOD help us , cause its killing me …..

    take care



    Your Vitamin A,is low

    High TSH which indicates a sub-clinical hypothyroid, the symptoms will start to develop in this satge and i hope you can do something about it, specially when you see that you have a below range cholesterol which is one of the hypothyroid symptoms ( high chloestrol above range is another indicator for hypo too).

    Your Prolactin is High, low FSH indicates that your body is finding problems in your pituitary, there is something about your cortisol but it doesnt seems messy like those of whom i saw




    your testosterone is pathetic. That is causing alot ( but not all of your issues) .

    your saliva cortisol seems decent. What are your energy levels like?

    You need to also examine your thyroid with the following

    1) Free T3

    2) Free T4

    3) R T3



    my energy levels arent to bad, it’s not a big problem really. the saliva result at night is high i was told but not sure what to do about that. havent been able to get RT3 tested yet but my thyroid is

    Free T4 17.8 ( 10 – 25 )

    Free T3 6.5 ( 2.7 – 5.7 )

    what can i do about the high TSH, high prolactin, low fsh, and low testsoterone? i know hypothyroid is known to cause low testosterone



    your noon cortisol is real low.




    Your Free T3 is really good. But your missing Rt3 which is really important. its what causes my hypo.

    TSH is unimportant dont worry about it all. High prolactin might by low dopamine not sure. Spoke to a guy who lowered his prolactin alot wiht tyrosine. so thats possible. Low FSH and low testosterone probably means your secondary. You can possibly get away with HCG or clomid but in order for you to have any chance at a restart you need to make sure your adrenals and thyroid are optimal.



    i haven’t had any success messing around with tyrosine, all it does is make me tired.. for the past 3 weeks i’ve been taking dostinex 1-2 times a week and notice a very small increase in sex drive. one thing i’ve noticed is how my cholesterol levels are always super low. when i fix my hypothyorid will this fix my cholestrol issues? I came across some info about cholestrol and figured i’d post it here as some of the issues relate to me. i got tons of sun this summer and yet my vitamin d is still very low, is it possible that things aren’t being converted properly in my body? how can i fix my low cholesterol?

    According to a web page on cholesterol testing from the the Discovery Health Channel, abnormally low levels of cholesterol may indicate:

    hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid gland

    liver disease


    inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestines


    Manganese deficiency has also been linked to low cholesterol levels (hypocholesterolemia).

    While high cholesterol levels may be indeed be warning signs of many health issues, it does not logically follow then that all cholesterol is bad and you should try to wipe out any cholesterol in your body. We need cholesterol to build and maintain cell membranes, for production of sex hormones, to aid in the manufacture of bile (which helps digest fats), and to convert sunshine to vitamin D. Cholesterol is also important for the metabolism of fat soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K. Check out How Stuff Works: Cholesterol to find out more about the role of cholesterol in our bodies and the many important functions it performs.



    Wtf sameer? xD

    Wow man, doctors really suck when the health is not theirs, I would like to see a doctor with youth impotence or subclinic hypothyroidism, you would see how they move their asses around like maniacs to cure themselves with their wisdom and the wisdom of their doctor friends instead of reciping you cialis or a psychologist



    I have analyzed several Drs.blood work. Majority had t < 400, insulin issues, altered lipid panels <30 ng of vitamin d.cortisol level of > 10. These are the people who are putting your health in hands of. Kind of scarey ..They got a rude wake up call.



    Body is not converting cholesterol because.lack of.proper bile.production. You.need and bile to absorb fats. I would issues along with thickening bile fat.malabsorption.and gluten or food intolerance. I had and.hrt is.not.the solution finding the cause. I.have dealt with a number of these cases and it turns something so simple. i have developed a good relationship.with one of the few parasitologist.who.has.published studies in medical Journal. He also runs a lab who does stool testing very affordable.and accurate. Which can be shipped any where I also worked.out a special discount code for 10% off.because alot of business with him.with no.kick.backs. I set this.up for a special discount for.people.needing proper help who Dr are stubborn




    so increasing fat in diet would be useless?



    so increasing fat in diet would be useless?

    You have to under stand certain fats do not use bile to transport. I use alot of these fats in people who have bile problems (sat fats, EVCCO). Rebalancing the liver and gut will resolve most bile stagnation issues. Estrogen can cause bile stagnation as well.



    thanks 4 the suggestions…except I’ve been eating coconut oil religiously and eating eggs daily for the past several months and it has had little if any effect on my cholestrol levels…is getting a stool test worth it?




    if its the comprehensive one yes , it can show if there is fat in your stools and this can be linked to poor intestine function to absorb and digest fat.



    I see these cases on a weekly basis and I full detailed medical history and biography is needed to know what proper testing is needed. One will be surprised what people on the internet look when you actually start to ask detailed questions. Obviously there is fat malabsorption which can come from a number of reasons. Correcting the GI tract will help the immune system as well as neurotransmitters which help govern the hormone system. Untill a comprehensive approach is taken then you are just using a bandaid approach which HRT can be considered in cases of guys in their early 20’s. Dr’s are just looking for a fast solution or short term fix not looking long term. If you need a place to get stool testing done. I be glad to direct you to a place which does testing all over the world and even give you a discount for 10% off which I set up with the owner who I got to know pretty well. He is one of the only parasitologist in the world with published work in medical journals.



    hey everyone ive been on natural thyroid for 3 months now ( 2-3 grains ) and i have to get a thyroid scan and they want me to stop for 2 weeks before i get the test. im not very happy about this but am i supposed to wean off or just stop abruptly?




    what kind of thyroid scan? and why do you need it?

    I donno the answer to your question. But people usually just retest thyroid (blood test) to monitor improvement.

    which natural thyroid are you on? and is it helping?




    if its the regular scan that tests the thyroid size then thereis no fear from it.

    If the test is for “Radioactive” iodine

    then you may need to be more cautious, if this test is really needed.

    how is your Thyroid levels?, Have you taken the antibodies test.

    Any Goiters?

    Any improvements?

    Any swollen feeling thru the neck, any swollen joints?



    my TSH level has always been between 3-4-5 and after being on thyroid for 3 months its all the way down to 0.32 the range is 0.20 – 6. the doctor i saw the other week said i had lumps in my neck and it felt swollen thats why he wants me to get this scan. i havent had any swollen joints though. I also haven’t had a thyroid antibody test either. on the requestion paper it just says ‘ thyroid scan ‘ but i believe it is the test for the iodine. do i need to worry about these lumps?

    the main improvements i’ve noticed have just been in the sexual department but it hasnt helped any of my other symptoms too much, however i think its worth continuing on with the thyroid meds as the improvement is noticeable as ive actually been somewhat horny and shit like that, havent felt horny for 4 years so i forgot what it was like

    Im on the natural thyroid from canada. I believe its ERFA thyroid or something but i could be wrong. it just says thyroid on the pill bottle




    You are in the right path then, congratulations bigbossyo




    Thats the ideal range you have reached which is 1 or below 1.

    as for the lymph nodes, i think they will do the regular “Ultra sound”…i have done it 3 years back and there was a mild swollen gland.Get it tested just to make sure they arent big or growing

    f its the radioactive test then you may need expert opinion.




    my concern is if i stop my thyroid the nodes will go down, and then after the test when i start my thyroid again they will start growing. does this matter? did you stop your thyroid med for the tests?




    From my experience, they used to be swollen all the time a goiter like sign.

    but i used some elementary supplements , and i noticed huge improvements.

    Low Vitamin D can cause your nodules to be swollen, even though there is no clear evidence in this part, but some research stated that those who are severely low in D can grow nodules or cancer .;jsessionid=oSehFZHtY0qs5wR8ngur.23

    Vitamin E, and Zinc must be tested to make sure that your are not low,other minerals like selenium,iodine,Magnesium are also part of the basic supplementation.

    B12, Iron are also essentials for a proper thyroid function, they need to be tested if possible.

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