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    Has anyone experienced using ZRT home testing ???

    DO you recommend using theM?

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    im gonna get a ZRT test if testing doesnt work out with my doc



    Max I thought I read somewhere that you ordered the ZRT test, if so how did it go?

    I’m getting fed up with these doctors and have just now thought about the possibility of taking one of these Internet tests myself.

    A recent e-mail I got from Dr.Lin concerning possible permanent sexual dysfunction was the following:


    My testosterone level was last tested at 549 ng/dl about two years ago.



    actually i should be getting it this week, i placed the order last week. I bought the single Testosterone Blood Test, i think its the Total Testosterone Test. It was only 30$ and it it works out well, then i’ll probably order a kit where they offer a bunch of test.



    if your testosterone levels are in the good range, is it still worth to test the other things?

    i dont think zrt offers DHT, or LH,LSH testing



    Well yeah I think it’s worth it I mean your testosterone could be high but DHT low, or testosterone low but FSH/LH high etc.



    Yikes! i got my test results, i took the test at 3:00 PM and my results were 27 pg/nl free testosterone and the normal is 50-200!!!

    i’m very disapointed, im going todo a a re-test when i first wake up

    one thing im confused this some people results i found:

    Total Testosterone: 905 ng/dl

    Free Testosterone: 19.2 pg/gl

    Total Testosterone: 650 ng/dl

    Free Testosterone: 15.9 pg/dl

    Total Testosterone: 382 ng/dl

    Free Testosterone: 75.8 ng/dl



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    lol, last time i did it at 3pm it was through the roof for some unknown reason.

    what does Dr lin mean when he says DHEA is in the normal range. mine is in the upper limit and i really don’t think there is a problem with it.



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    this one website says 100 to 680 pg/ml is the normal free testosterone range



    be careful of the units here. they essentially are the same.



    Blueshark, do you think of my results? i’m sure they are a bit higher if taken int he morning, but im not sure

    the people at zrt said my testosterone is very low, low androgens.



    wait a sec, i’ll get mine and compare

    ok my first test was done at 3pm

    total test 30.0nmol/l (9-37)

    free test 945pmol/l (250-800)

    SHBG 17nmol/l (9-60)

    FAI (> 400)

    this was done on the 2nd of May 2006

    the second test i did

    free or plasma testosterene 17.7nmol/l (9-37)

    this was done at 9:30am, although i believe i was quite stressed that week.



    i got mine through Salvia testing, im sure its accurate



    it seems staying up all night has taken its toll on me. well Max it seems testostoerene is the culprit in your case.



    blueshark I think testosterone could be a problem with me too. What are symptoms of having too low of testosterone or too high? I know I have a slight case of gyno, so I may have low testosterone or just high estrogen…



    with me i suppose my only symptom is weak and no spontaneous erections, although at time i can get a 1-2 o clock erection, i feel depressed to which could be low

    i want to avoid taking anything, the last thing i want todo i start messing around with my hormonal levels.



    well if your testosoterene levels are low you ahve to increase them



    yeah i know but im going to find out if there are other ways, i dont think i trust stuff like tribex or activate/rebound reloaded



    lol, it won’t do any harm in my opinion, unless you plan to take testosoterne therapy



    yeah maybe i’ll try it



    Tribex would be the safest bet. It doesn’t raise it above normal levels. The ohters will do so and having to high testosterone won’t do us any good either. Just ask blueshark.



    actually my levels seem to have dropped in the second test. but i will do a third test to confirm it. maybe even get some tests done on LH and FSH.

    how about alpha male, rebound reloaded and rebound XT. maybe weightlifting can help as well.



    ZRT does not test DHT

    But if you look around, there are labs that do saliva DHT testing.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I thing I don’t understand:

    I had may Testosterone tested a couple of times with ZRT by saliva. My saliva usually is around 100-110 pg/ml (Good range is 50-200). So not too bad. However, with the ZRT blood spot test, my Testostrone was 172 ng/ml (Good range is 400-1200). They stated that saliva checks free testosterone, whereas the blood spot checks total protein bound.

    I am trying to determine if my testicles have shut down. I am going to order one of the DHT saliva tests. Hopefully the muti-glandular from Dr.Ron will help my testicles start working again.[/url]



    i think a normal testostorene tes should fine and should be done several times.

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