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    I have been going without sex or masturbation for the last two weeks , I notice my erections started to come back looking at women or watching tv etc. today I was aroused and then went walking but now my balls have swole up , is this a sign of blue balls and is the only way to get rid of it to ejaculate. I want to abstain longer

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    this means you are starting to get proper signaling down there. The answer surely does not involve ejaculating. Eventually the “blue balls” pain will go away. Go ahead and continue to abstain for maximum healing potential.



    yea I got passed it , I just laid down and did some deep knee squats read on internet its good to get the blood flowing and cure blue balls. still abstaining I notice everyday my libido seems to be getting higher



    testicle breathing (direct your breathing into testicles) relax abdomen.

    gently contract pc/testicles/penis on deep slow inhalation, relax everything on exhalation. Let your sacrum and tailbone gain more length so keep them relax.

    in time your testicles will generate a strong vibration (hormonal activity I guess?), which you can guide (yes, your mind has the power to move blood) to places that need healing. It is suggested to start from the bottom. Keeping attention in the feet is very good for the prostate. Of course, for all this to happen you need abstention.

    cold water showers is healthy in all ways for the body, especially testicles.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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