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    I keep hearing ads on the radio for these guys but I’m not sure if they’d be able to help in cases of SE.

    Has anyone heard of these guys? There’s a clinic about 40 mins. from my place so I’m thinking about giving it a shot.

    Because they only treat ED & PE, I have hope that they may be able to determine the underlying issue with SE…

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    Iv been meanin to answer this but keep forgetting.

    In my searches for a doctor I came across this group. It looks like it has potential and can help you out.

    However….if you go in there lookin for a cure for SE then your retarted and are gona leave very disaponted.

    You need to go in there and be like I have all sorts of symptoms of low testosteroe, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and ask for the recomended testing.

    If you go in there sayin shit like I masterbated myself to exhasution nothings gona come of it.

    So possibly this is a good idea but only if you use it the right way.

    If you think im an asshole and are doubting what im sayin then just think about this as logically as possible.

    SE= hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances. Its your job to fix them. In order to fix them your gona need a doctor who understands them well enough to help you. Or you can self treat if you educate yourself enough and have acess to all the neccesary meds. But thats another story

    good luck.

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