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    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has any sypmtoms related to the prostate that cleared up…especially enalrgement? I can feel my prostate is bigger…used to cause pain but now now…aynone know what can cause this?

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    not sure, but when I started taking 540mg saw palmetto after every orgasm my symptoms dramatically improved. Especially pain and sensitivity in my groin area from inflammation.



    Saw palmetto didnt fucked your sexual health? Some of the side effect well known of Saw palmetto is lowering drastically the libido of some people.



    Gurjas, what did they said about the ultra sound?

    or ist just a feeling post ejaculation, or during your urination?.


    I would be more careful with any herb that can induce estrogens like saw plametto (similar to finstrade side effects) where the evidence is solid for this herb, where it can cause more estrogen dominance and kill the DHT conversion.

    I would suggest to lower your dose or get a simple test of estrogen profile to observe where does your levels stand.

    Nettle root or pygeum bark can help with prostate enlargement or Bph, remarking that Nettle has increased estrogen levels in some research but the evidence are not strong , and it lowers the DHT conversion in the prostate tissue and hair scalp but not in the blood stream.

    but both need more research since information are not co-relating.



    Because you liver is so messed up its probably from improper metabolism of estrogens from start to finish causing BPH.



    when this mess started for me in april 2011 , my prostate was torn apart.

    actually it was my prostate pain that alerted me that something was wrong with my sexual/reproductive system.

    today I am still feeling prostate pain. an endorectal ultrasound found that it was indeed enlarged and i was diagnozed with BHP.

    however what caused the prostate to grow remains a mystery to me.

    coudl it be excess DHT? excess sexual activity? i have no clue anymore.

    I have cut down sexual activity to basically only ejaculating when im with my girlfriend whcih is about once a week.

    i dont masturbate anymore and i dont look at porn anymore.

    since I have started this regimen, my symptoms have improved.

    the seminal leakage stopped, the lower back pain disappeared, the premature ejacualtion is alot better (altho i always pop 2 tylenols prior to a sex session- it seems to help alot) and the prostate pain is alot better.

    however the prostate pain is still there and depresses me alot sometimes beacuse i feel like it will never go away. maybe i need long term abstinence but id rather get my rocks off every week and be in a little discomfort than just never have sex at all.

    the worst part is that i sleep on my stomach and i get woken up every morning at 6am with this horrible pinching feeling in my gut because my bladder cant handle any amount of urine buildup.

    question for – if my testosterone and libido are good, should I go ahead and take Saw palmetto?



    Doctors dont know exactly what causes prostate enlargament or non-bacterial prostatitis, but it is a well known fact that hyperplasia is an issue mostly in old men. My theory is that what caused these problems is the amount of ejaculations, thats why an old, normal man without overmasturbation habit or obsessed with sex develops it at an elder age and we develop similar symptoms being young. Can be also the amount of times that you retarded your ejaculation or developed blue balls.

    If the prostate problems can be “reversed” or healed, I don´t know. But since we are young, we have years ahead of us…



    Hello Charlie222

    i have seen many old posts for Dr.Mariano in meso were he discourage people to try saw palmetto where its properties are similar to Proscar the drug that is used to stop hair loss…but the dosage is the most important factor if small cant be a serious threat to your overall health. people suffers from going in more than 300mg for a long period.

    but you need to know what is your problem with your prostate , test the PSA, DHT ,estrogen profile , total cholesterol profile,androgens, zinc and selenium are a basic factors for prostate health so being low in them can manifest this problem.

    the problem must be first identified Charlie, going into a potent herb like saw plametto can relief your prostate for weeks and then a bigger problem will occur in other areas possibly in the hormone corner .

    A question Charlie have you ruled out if your prostate problem is a bacteria or non-bacterial?



    yes urine exams ruled out bacterial infections. also ruled out any STDs.

    I finally have an appointment with a urologist in december so i will have to wait until then to find out more.

    i guess i will just stick to on and off zinc, fish oil, evening primrose oil, selenium, maca, damiana, choline. they have worked OK so far since my symptoms have improved over the past 5 months.



    Have you had proper estradiol sensitity blood levels checked. In BPH its not DHT but e2 or its metabolite which causes the problem. Most urologist will not look into these areas. Too much zinc can be pro inflammatory <50 mgs supplemented is suggested.



    No I havent but if my urologist wont do it.. who the hell will??



    You are right charlie, doctors just stick to the basics and then send you back home.

    find a way to get it tested.



    Yeah but it has to be “sensitive”? I am being tested this 20th by the normal way of estradiol because the doctor said that “sensitive” estradiol is too expensive and they only do it if they are sure that you are ill. Sounds like ca$h excuse.



    a good READ on BPH

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    Yeah maybe Graminex will do the trick. I will probably try it out some of these months.



    When testing e2 sensitive stay away from lab corp because they results on flawed. I had several people I worked with my self included testing 15-20 on lab corp sensitive still having some unexplained estrogen issues. I had them tested at quest. There results where doubled !! When suggesting things to their dr about making adjustments using aromasin, worked like a charm resulting in the clinical response. One poor bastard has been that way for 10 years gaining 75 lbs in last 6 years having no clue why. Well he found out when his e2 was triple then what lab corp was showing. He is finally sleeping good and working on getting his weight off finally.



    If tests are failing, anyway I have some effective anti-aromatose in his way home



    True, but high and low symptoms are identical making it hard to distinguish.

    One guy test 6 on lab corp then quest had him at e2 sensitive at 53. Then he was wondering why his pecker was not working LOL



    Aaargh man, that is so true, symptoms of both states are almost identical.

    But it will be hit or miss, if the DIM improves my state it will become obvious that I had high e2, if it just stays the same or worses it we will know that it was low already..



    so what is the ideal level for e2 , 15-20 as many suggests all thruogh the forums or 20-30, because mine is around 25-32 ?



    so what is the ideal level for e2 , 15-20 as many suggests all thruogh the forums or 20-30, because mine is around 25-32 ?

    Depends on where you get testing done what method as well a lot of other factors. 15-25 seems to be the normal. Its really the TT:e2 ratio which is the underlying factor as well as SHBG. One can have good e2 but metabolites may be off or you may be getting restimulation of estrogen receptors from recirulation of deactivated estrogen from the by product of bad bacteria. With many e2 issue there is usually a gi or liver imbalances attached. Funny most people with e2 issue I have dealt with have some kind of dysbiosis going on..

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