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    this is something that i came across and i truly beleive this could be a significant problem for most of us. Since orgasm is involved with histamine as well as histamine having an effect on both all neurotransmitters and pge-1… Please read the article i think this could be very helpful. Please comment if you have anything to add

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    thank god im getting this tested =]



    basically its all about copper being bad when in fact you need copper when you take a lot of zinc…i have read that schitzophrenia is caused by excess copper as well in a health book i was reading…I guess its good to get tested for excess heavy metals but for those taking too much zinc it depletes other vitamins including copper which is a heavy metal…also it may or may not deplete magnesium im unsure of it depleting that but it might also..



    also linked to PE



    Yeah, it does deplete magnesium. ZMA fixes this problem.

    Here’s a list of urine tests you can have done:


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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