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    Ok i guess i’ll start off this post as i’ve seen it affects many people on the site. Frank attributes this to:

    > stress

    > borage oil (GLA)

    i really think this is valid as i’ve had the same scenario.

    i’d like to add 2 more…sitting long hours and abstaining for long.

    as for abstaining i’m still investigating this. i have been abstainging for almost 3 months now and only recently decided to ejaculate. thing is after i ejaculated this burning sensation seems to have subsided (though not completly). it’s still early to tell but it would be interesting to know if the two are related. any thoughts?

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    personally I have found that sitting for too long on the computer can cause this problem like you said. however I have found that any of epsom salt bath, or sitz bath, colloidal silver water and my foot reflexology with focus on the prostate take that pain away completely.

    About the GLA, I have not found it to cause this sort of pain with me and neither abstaining for too long. I’ve abstained for one year now and I think its your body’s reaction to it. Kinda like the first time you do a cleanse. you feel like crap for the first 1-2 days then you improve.

    hope this helps



    cool..my main concern though is abstainence. ever since i ejaculated the burning has reduced so i wanted to know if there can be a connection between the burning and abstainance



    i think because we have been ejaculating for say 3-4 years and all of a sudden we decide to abstain the body is experiencing this sort of reaction. but I think that given enough time to abstain it should go away by itself hopefully. definitely this problem is prostate related and it radiates to other places.



    Blueshark, you’ve abstained for a year now? Wow and there are no negative side effects? You still getting spontaneous erections and morning erections?



    That is a typical Dr. Lin tactic; confuse the hell out of the person so they just give up and buy the product. Lin has a personal agenda and knows that if we keep ejaculating we won’t heal and thus we’ll need his products. I think its pretty humorous that he speaks in mumbo jumbo when describing your problem but he has no problem articulating his words when he wants you to buy his crap.



    ….I couldn’t agree more. This is why I hate the bastard. He is hurting more people than he is helping.




    long hours of sitting and stress…my major culprits. does anyone feel that burning in the are between the scrotum and the anus especially after sitting long hours



    interesting addition…





    yes, i do get these burning feelings when i sit for too long on the computer- which I used to do quite a lot. now I just have somebody type my lab reports for me.




    just what i thought. abstenance. though i think mine is a combo of stress(work), sitting long hours and congestion above..



    This patient has my symptoms exactly. there is a strong likelihood that i have prostatitis. plus i have varicocele…which he also has. lots of groin pain when seated, etc


    more of my symptoms..



    who wants to bet the patient has overmasturbated? anyway i will continue giving the saw palmetto a try. if this doesn’t work i may be forced to go on an antibiotic program. the scrotal pain is persistent and sometimes unbearable




    if the source of the prostatitis is bacterial, antibiotics will help you out but if its not you won’t get much out of them. try a low dose aspirin or anti-inflammatory.

    You also have to do something about the varicose vein.



    Saw Palmetto seems to be doing the job as the burning has subsided substancially.

    the product i’m using is PSA Caps: Prostate Specific Advantage




    maybe its the Lycopene. anyhow interesting to note that.

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