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    Does anyone else here have this problem.

    I used to get it after masturbation, and i thought it was related to that, but im on day 24 of no masturbation, and i suddenly just got it.

    It’s a sensation of a tingling/burning at the tip of the penis. maybe its inside a little bit.

    It feels like i have to pee, but don’t, and peeing only makes it worse, or doesnt help at all.

    For me it comes randomly and only lasts 30 mins to an hour, and then goes away.

    I found a HUGE topic

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    of a

    and tons of guys there have it, and all think its related to over masturbating (imagine that, a thread about over masturbation symptoms, without even bringing SE in to it )

    but then again, i haven’t masturbated lately. No STD or anything, just a weird sensation that comes and goes.

    Anyone else here have it/get it? and think its related to masturbation/sex ?

    a guy in that topic said he went to a doctor and the doctor said it was from prostatitis and put him on some medication. crazy.

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    Happens to everyone occasionally. Cleaning usually solves the issue.

    If it doesn’t, and you get it all the time, go to the Docs.




    cleaning? what do u mean? its on the inside in the urethra. dunno how you’d clean that.

    im not talkin about the very tip on guys who arent cut. I’m cut, and im sure many of the guys in that topic are as well. So its not a hygiene issue, unless there is something i dont know about cleaning the inside of ur penis.



    First of all, being cut doesn’t mean you can’t have hygiene issues. It is a myth that it is more hygienic. The normal amount of smegma that can accumulate beneath the foreskin in between the periods that you wash isn’t dirty and doesn’t breed bacteria. It contains anti bodies that kill bacteria.

    But regardless of whether you are cut or not, an unclean penis can lead to irritation, and if you’re a real dirty sod – bacteria, on any area of your genitals.

    I’m not suggesting you need to shove something down your urethra to clean it, or that you have hygiene issues – but simply try sitting in a bathtub and cleaning the area and you may find that it goes.

    What you’re describing is a common thing. What the people are discussing on that forum is probably a few different viewpoints. It looks like some are just talking about the common/normal tingle/sting, and others talking about something more progressive.

    So why not try a process of elimination? When you get the feeling, if it occurs again, have a wash and see if that calmed it down completely.

    If that doesn’t work, and it’s a regular occurrence then it would be best to have it diagnosed.



    isnt a hygiene issue. its too deep inside the penis toe even be one.

    isnt even that type of burning sensation.





    If you’re sure you’re suffering from something else entirely then I can’t deduce what it is you’re actually experiencing, but good luck sorting it out.

    What I’m referring to is a hygiene thing. A very uncomfortable, yet commonly experienced stinging sensation usually caused by acidic urine in the urethra.



    Tingling and/or stinging at the tip of the penis is often a key sign of prostatitis.



    there are many symptoms that can be referred to such thing, but the question is do you get these afterbefore ejaculation , afterbefore urination.

    Lee mentioned prostatitis, this could be a possible,it could be an infectionstone from kidneys.

    beside these symptoms do you have any pain in the groin , testicles ?

    if concerned, go to a doctor and ask for urine test(normal) , urine culture , semen analysis ,and a swap if possible



    I also have this sense of having to pee along with the burning. Mine occurs from just minutes right through the first few days after having an orgasm.

    Do you guys think that this discomfort could have to do with inflammation in the area? The discomfort certainly feels that way. Could this possible inflammation explain some of the cognitive symptoms?

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